Who is Trisha Paytas? About the YouTuber Involved in Jeffree Star Drama

Just after Jeffree Star was rumored to be linked to rapper Kanye West, the YouTuber is caught in more drama by another celebrity on the internet, Trisha Paytas. If you’re wondering who Trisha Paytas is, read on for more about the controversial content creator speaking out against Star.

Who is Trisha Paytas?  Youtuber starred in Jeffree Star drama
Trisha Paytas on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ | Wire Ian West / PA

What is known for Trisha Paytas

Paytas is a content creator and singer and its public personality has been particularly popular through YouTube. She posts music videos, mukbangs (a South Korean move in which a man eats food on camera for entertainment), and is known for inciting controversy. Rug Paytas flack for supports the 2012 Republican candidate for United States President Mitt Romney, owning Jewish culture, and calling out 16-year-olds Charli D’Amelio for behaving like a 16-year-old.

Who Trisha Paytas interacts with online

Despite its controversies, Paytas has been relevant in the digital space for more than a decade. She dated Jason Nash’s “vlog squad” member from 2017 to 2019, during which time she showed that she interacted with many of David Dobrik’s online buddy group.

Paytas has been friends with Shane Dawson since the early days of their two YouTube posts, and she also struck a friendship with the creator Star who was so full of drama. Paytas has since ended its relationship with Dawson (i he stopped him and his companion Ryland Adams on social media) and it seems to be done by Star now, too.

What the current drama is between Trisha Paytas and Jeffree Star

HairByJay, a former Star hairdresser, posted a video of his Instagram account considering a Las Vegas tour he took with Paytas and Star in February 2020, each Dexerto.

Paytas responded to Jay’s solo video on January 15 saying she was “scared” of Star and his hairdresser. Paytas said the pair were “so horrible” at her on the trip, that they were even joking about what she looks like.

“[Star] he took me on a trip that sent me and I can’t say what he did because he paid for it, ”she said in the video, adding that she offered to pay for the pier private, Jay wig installation, and hotel. Paytas said Star has tried to call her, but she doesn’t want to talk to him.

“[Star] I have been contacted many times and I refuse to speak, ”said Paytas, indicating that she wants a place from him.

Paytas continued: “These are terrible people. I have my own problems, I do, I’m not perfect, but I’m not a bad person for other people like this. I was cool with Jay, I was cool with him. I never mentioned him by name. I had a problem raising $ 1,000 more than wigs normally cost, ”she said.

Star then pressed the situation forward Twitter.

“I have personally apologized [Paytas] several times last year about Vegas and she never responded, and that’s right, ”he said. “I respected him and what has happened between us. Don’t drag me to a new drama … Not interested. What someone else says does not represent me. ”

Paytas responded with quote-tweet Star: “If you didn’t want to be involved in the drama why is he speaking your name in the video on your behalf? Proving all the horror you said about me? I’ve been cool but he speaks for you many times over all his food. ”

Star ended the conversation with responding: “You paid attention to my messages [and] texts for months still want an internet circus with an audience? No thanks. If you love your daughter, you can call or text me anytime. “

Jay then excuse me to Paytas on his Instagram Stories and Paytas says she “wants move on. ”

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