Who is Olivia Rodrigo? Everything We Know About the ‘Drivers License’ Singer

Who is Olivia Rodrigo? Rodrigo, star of the Disney + show High School Musical: The MusicalThe Series, has been a rising star since the show began in the fall of 2019. Rodrigo stood out to the audience for his soulful singing voice and engaging camera presence, and fans have eagerly awaiting Rodrigo ‘s original music release for some time now.

Well, the star delighted her audience on January 8 by releasing her first song, which was independent of the series, “Driving license. ”Read on to learn more about the actor and her career.

Olivia Rodrigo
Olivia Rodrigo | Jason Mendez / Getty Images

What was Rodrigo ‘s big break?

Rodrigo’s first acting credit as Grace Thomas in 2015 is straight to video American girl film, The Grace Stirs Up Success. Two years later, Rodrigo appeared as a guest on Fox comedy New girl as Terrine.

Rodrigo began to become a household name among children and teens, however, in 2016 when she began her acting career on the Disney Channel.

Disney Rodrigo channel and Disney + acting role

Rodrigo made his TV debut as Paige Olvera on Disney Channel Bizaardvark in 2016. She played the role until 2019, during which time she participated Disney Channel Stars: Ducktales Topic Song (2017) and Disney Channel Stars: Legendary (2018) like herself.

In 2019, Rodrigo scored big, including Nini ‘s lead role on Disney +’ s High School Musical: The Musical – The Series. The show takes place at the very location of the high school where High School Musical was filmed. The fictional highs in the show put on a show of Disney Channel Original Movie 2006 as their school music. Rodrigo Nini ‘s character plays Gabriella Montez in the school production. Yes, it’s a meta, and yes, it can’t get enough fans.

High School Musical: The Musical – The Series it was one of the first pieces of original content to be added to Disney’s streaming service when it launched in November 2019, making it a real hit for people who immediately supported it .

Following a production hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, the show began on film season two in October, each LA Times. In December 2020, the team met for Secondary Music: The Album – The Holiday Program.

Rodrigo ‘s musical career

While Rodrigo ‘s voice is found throughout High School Musical: The Musical – The Seriesthe album, January 8 marks the first time she has released her own music. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight HSMTMTS co-star Joshua Bassett in December 2020, Rodrigo revealed that she recorded her first EP at quarantine in 2020.

“We’re both really creative and it was great to have time to sit down with you and your thoughts and ideas and have the kind of time to put that out there,” Rodrigo said in the interview. “Joshua challenged me to write a song every day of quarantine. We both fell a bit, but I was definitely challenging myself creatively as a lot of locking action happened. ”

If Rodrigo has released her debut single as any indication, her songwriting and singing are sure to be a powerful mix, ensuring a promising musical course for the young star, as well as her acting success, too.

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