Who Is Ellie Goulding’s Husband?

Singer / songwriter Ellie Goulding is best known for songs such as “Lights” and the Fifty shades of gray hit the soundtrack “Love Me Like You Do.” Who is the British artist’s husband, and when did they get married?

Why Lights singer Ellie Goulding is not living with her husband in 2020

Ellie Goulding and Cqsper Jopling
Ellie Goulding and Caspar Jopling leave York Minster Cathedral after their wedding ceremony on August 31, 2019 | Illustrations by John Rainford / GC

The man at Goulding is a 28-year MBA student named Caspar Jopling. He’s also an art retailer, and Jopling often shares his favorite pieces of art on it Instagram account. Jopling and Goulding joined in August 2018.

according to The Mirror, the couple married a year later, in a “nice party. ”

Since the onset of coronavirus outbreak, they have lived together in Oxfordshire. However, Goulding had to move “back to London,” while her husband waited to complete his Master of Business Arts degree at Oxford University, “the Mirror explained.

While Goulding’s normal living situation is an easy recipe for loneliness, Goulding doesn’t care.

“No, I love it!” Goulding told the publication in an interview with Jul 2020. The singer explained what she likes so much about being alone:

I love my husband – but I love myself too. I can read a book. I can go for a run, I can eat fake. So it’s great to have a partner that you don’t have to be with 24/7 – even when you’re married.

It also does not mean that the romance does not live in the relationship. For Goulding, that is reflected in Jopling’s small service activities.

“He built a cover for me for my cat litter,” Goulding said. “And he always buys me flowers. I was driving down the highway in my electric car and found a little rose in the glove box. ”

Despite the rather bleak 2020 many of us have had, Goulding is satisfied.

“It was a great year,” she said in the interview. “Everything feels in harmony. ”

At age 34, Goulding has been a vegetarian for years

In 2018, Goulding spoke The Cut about her diet, and her quest to be a “total vegan.” However, it has been a passionate vegetable for years now.

As for her husband Jopling, Goulding told the publication that he “comes from a farmer’s background. ”

“My sweetheart [at the time] a great carnivore, ”she said.

However, it is eaten in a veggie diet – just short.

“He stopped eating meat for a month,” Goulding explained. “He said you feel better.

Ellie Goulding composes songs
Ellie Goulding will take to the stage at BLI Summer Jam 2019 on June 14, 2019 in Wantagh, New York | Kevin Kane / WireImage

But Jopling doesn’t stick to it as Goulding.

“Unfortunately, I did not persuade him to stay as a vegetarian,” she told the Cut, “but he is very grateful for it. We often go to many veggie places. ”

The singer said that she enjoys “cooking hearty meals like pasta,” as well as the vegetable restaurants. However, Goulding reconciles with Jopling.

“Sometimes we go to a meat restaurant and I end up eating fries and salads,” she explained.

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