Whitney Houston Fans Are Not Happy About Lifetime’s New Documentary About Houston and Her Daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown

Sad death Whitney Houston fans are still asking for answers about Houston’s private setbacks. Even worse is the death of Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown. A new documentary featuring Houston and Brown’s relationship and the similarities in death is expected to be released on Lifetime and fans are not excited about it.

Bobbi Kristina Brown and Whitney Houston
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The Lifetime documentary on Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina will cover

Lifetime’s latest documentary, Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina: We almost didn’t have it, damaging the Houston and Brown joints in their public and private lives. Through interviews with friends, family, and business supporters, the documentary notes that the two women had issues of substance abuse and roller relationships with their romantic partners.

Throughout, mother and daughter maintained a close relationship.

Houston was found underwater in a bathtub on February 11, 2012. She was pronounced dead at the age of 48, just hours before she was ready to play at the annual pre-Grammy party held by her record label head and advisor, Clive Davis.

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Brown mourned the death of his mother, as was seen during the filming process of the reality series Lifetime The Houstons: Ourselves. The show documented Brown’s grieving process and his effort to continue his own career.

Sadly, three years after Houston’s death, Brown was also found without water in his home in Georgia. She spent six months in a coma with a mental illness before she died. Brown was 22 years old.

Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina: We almost didn’t have it produced by Tara Long, Shawna Foster, Madison Merritt, Mark Ford, Kevin Lopez, and Brandi Burnside-Boyd. Brie Miranda Bryant and Gena McCarthy are active producers.

Fans blast a lifetime for Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina’s new documentary

Houston fans do not agree with the release of the documentary. Many are forcing social media to raise their grievances, begging the network and others to allow the mother and daughter to rest. Houston fans see the film as a betrayal of their death.

“I don’t see any good coming from this,” wrote one fan Twitter in response to Entertainment tonight improve the documentary.

Others say that enough has been done to share the compelling story, including several other documentaries, special television programs, made for TV movies, and written books.

“I read the books well enough for me that I don’t want to see them,” said another Twitter user notes.

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“How many times do they tell the same damn story,” an Instagram user asked in the comments section about reposting the trailer from Brand Jasmine.

This is not the first time Lifetime has shared the story of Houston and Brown. The 2015 feature-length film by Yaya Decosta and produced by Angela Bassett that focused on Houston’s 14-year marriage to Bobby Brown received a lot of backing.

The Houston family blamed the network and Bassett for creating the film, noting that they were not consulted and opposed to the film in the first place. Brown died months after the film was released.

Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina: We almost didn’t have it premiere on Saturday, February 6 at 8pm EST.

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