Which ‘Workaholics’ Star Has the Highest Net Worth: Adam DeVine, Blake Anderson, or Anders Holm?

Adam DeVine seems to be the most famous comedy star who became famous after appearing on the TV show Workaholics, but the show featured a whole group of talented creators working together.

In those days, Workaholics they’re not broadcasting new times anymore, but the stars of the show have reunited for an exciting new project – a podcast that allows them all to follow their individual passions while connecting with the fans them, as well as each other.

When did ‘Workaholics’ run on television?

Workaholics first debuted on TV in 2011 on Medium Comedy and ran until 2017. The show featured Adam DeVine, Blake Anderson, Anders Holm, and Kyle Newacheck as friends and roommates who are also colleagues at a telemarketing company. The series was a starting point for Adam DeVine, who thoroughly enjoyed it after his work on the show.

DeVine, Anderson, Holm, and Newacheck all worked together in the Mail Order Comedy, performing standup routines around the United States. Succeeded Workaholics it allowed the stars, not just DeVine, to go ahead and establish some really rewarding careers for themselves.

What is the net worth of Adam DeVine?

Adam DeVine
Adam DeVine Rodin Eckenroth / WireImage

After a star enters Workaholics, Adam DeVine went on to appear in several films with a big budget, including the popular one Pitch Perfect franchise. DeVine is now one of the most popular comedy actors of his generation and has lent his voice to a number of animated films as well.

These days, DeVine is very successful and has a reported net worth of around $ 8 million, each Famous Net Worth.

What is the net worth of Blake Anderson?

Blake Anderson is a longtime Adam DeVine partner and standup comedian. as well as Workaholics, he has appeared in television shows such as Entourage, House, Traffic light, and Arrested improvement.

Those days, according to Famous Net Worth, Anderson has had a very successful run and a reported net worth of $ 5 million – well less than DeVine, but still a very respectable income.

What is the net worth of Anders Holm?

Anders Holm has made a remarkable film career for himself in the years since Workaholics finished. He has developed roles in films such as How to be single and An Intern.

Holm also works behind the scenes as a writer and producer, and has a reported net worth of $ 7 million, says Famous Net Worth.

What is the net worth of Kyle Newacheck?

Newacheck Strait is perhaps not the most visible member of the Workaholics team, but it was very much a part of the show, and someone the audience was looking forward to seeing every week.

Newacheck, in addition to working on the series, lent his talents as a producer and director, and was instrumental in the series’ overall success. In those days, its reported net worth according to Famous Net Worth is about $ 8 million, competing with his movie star buddy, Adam DeVine.

The Workaholics team are working together again

In October 2020, a full team of Workaholics back for the first time in several years for a completely new project. Their new podcast, “This Matters” covers everything from current affairs to news behind films about filming Workaholics.

DeVine, Anderson, Holm, and Newacheck prove they are as innovative and funny as ever, revealing that the team lost nothing of their fringe or humor.

Although there is unlikely to be a recovery of Workaholics this happens, just because the partner is actively working on other projects, the recent podcast campaign gives fans hope that they could come back for a project on screen sometime in the future.

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