Which Co-Stars Has Keanu Reeves Dated?

Making a film is such a involved process that it’s no surprise when sparks fly between constellations. Hollywood is full of stories about couples who created the set. And not even Keanu Reeves, it seems, is free from the occasional set romance. But which of his constellations has the John of Wick and Am Matrix star with a date?

Halle Berry and Keanu Reeves at TCL Chinese Theater IMAX
Halle Berry and Keanu Reeves at TCL Chinese Theater IMAX | Emma MacIntyre / Getty Images

Keanu Reeves has worked with several famous celebrities

Over the years, Reeves has worked with a ton of most wanted actors. In fact, he has appeared in several starred films such as Charlize Theron, Sandra Bullock, Winona Ryder, and Rachel Weisz. And Reeves seems to be on good terms with just about everyone he meets. No wonder the internet is totally happy with the actor.

Reeves is very tight on his love life. So fans of his movies – including 2020’s Bill and Ted Face the Music – have some valuable information to move on. Nonetheless, we do know about a few of his star-studded romances, including his three-year friendship with him. Babes in Toyland co-star Jill Schoelen.

However, Keanu Reeves is reportedly linked to 2 Oscars

Even though the actors most fans assume didn’t make Reeves, reports say he made a romance on the Oscar-winning pair. Back in 2010, Reeves and Theron – according Digital spy – were seen kissing. There is no way to know the details of their relationship. But the pair – who worked on 1997’s Devil’s Advocate and 2001’s Sweet November – stay close friends.

Reeves may be on the date of Diane Keaton – his 2003 co-star Give Gotta something – years later, according to The Daily Mail. The two stars play love interests in the romantic comedy, although Keaton eventually ends up with a Jack Nicolson character. While these accusatory romances aren’t unprovoked, it’s clear that Reeves has fallen for constellations at least a few times.

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