When Was the Last Time Kim Kardashian West Was Spotted With Her Wedding Ring?

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West have been battling marital troubles for months. However, no one really knew the level of the powerhouse couple’s shoes until recently when fans noticed that the Keeping up with the Kardashians star has been walking around without her wedding ring for weeks.

Has Kardashian West been announcing her upcoming divorce all this time, or is there another reason she shook her ring amid rumors that she and West are cracking? This is all we know so far.

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West
Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West David Crotty / Patrick McMullan through Getty Images

Kim Kardashian West is preparing to file for divorce from Kanye West

If you haven’t heard of this, Kardashian West and West is heading for a divorce.

News of their bankruptcy came to headlines earlier in the week when Page six A statement that legal separation is “imminent” for the couple and that KKW Beauty mogul has begun preparing for a divorce with a lawyer for the stars Laura Wasser.

“They keep it low but they’re made,” a store told the store. “Kim has hired Laura Wasser, and they are in settlement talks.”

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While this news is of a split that may come as a surprise to many, multimedia confirmed that Kardashian West and West have been having trouble in their marriage since the controversial rally of the president of rapper “Selah” in the July 2020.

Although the couple have tried to keep their marriage together by taking a family holiday to work through their affairs, unfortunately, they have not been able to get their relationship back on track. way.

As a result, Kardashian West and West began living a separate life as their marriage has not reached any point.

“Kim Kanye got up there [Wyoming] so that they can live an individual life and quietly settle things to separate and divorce, ”said the insider to Page Six. “It’s done.”

Kim Kardashian West blocked her separation from the West over the holidays

Before news of her upcoming divorce, Kardashian West seemed to be insisting that her marriage to West was nearing an end when she attended major family events without the rapper over. on the holidays.

During that time, she was also seen without her marriage band.

In 2013, West sought the hand of the reality star in a marriage with a 15-carat diamond engagement ring from Lorraine Schwartz. But when Kardashian West was kidnapped at Paris Fashion Week in 2016, she gave up big flaming jewels and decided to wear a simple gold band on her ring finger instead.

The mother of four was last seen wearing the ring back in November while promoting her KKW Beauty Birthday Gathering.

She was also seen with the ring on and off during her 40th vacation. However, when she returned home from the lava getaway, it seemed like there was never a time when Kardashian West wore her wedding band.

On December 17, the reality star shared a useless selfie with BFF La La Anthony on social media. In the picture, his left hand is clearly visible and without a circle.

KKW Beauty’s founder’s ring was also missing in photos from Kardashian-Jenner’s annual Christmas Eve celebration.

The real reason is that Kim Kardashian West has not been wearing her wedding ring

While many accept that Kardashian West’s wearing of her wedding band is not a sign that she is above her marriage to the West, that does not seem to be the reason why her ring has been missing. from her finger so late.

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according to HollywoodLife, is the reason Kardashian West hasn’t walked around without the symbol of a promise to do nothing with the West or the reported marital issues.

“She often chooses not to go for pictures because she likes a clean view,” explained someone inside the shop. “And when it cools at home, it doesn’t always wear it out, and that’s been true for many years. It’s nothing new, people are just reading into everything. ”

Kardashian West seemed more comfortable going without her ring even before her marriage to West began to decline.

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