What Was the Inspiration Behind Including ‘Speechless,’ Naomi Scott’s Song, in the Live-Action ‘Aladdin’?

Through Disney’s animated adaptation Aladdin, Princess Jasmine confirms she won’t go silent. Perhaps that’s why the producer decided to introduce a new song to this character, the power ballad titled “Speechless,” played by Naomi Scott.

Naomi Scott attends the premiere of Disney’s ‘Aladdin’
Naomi Scott attends the premiere of ‘Aladdin’ | at Disney Axelle / Bauer-Griffin / FilmMagic

Disney releases live-action version of ‘Aladdin’

During 2019, Disney released another animated film for fans to enjoy. This man told the story of “a diamond in the rough,” a street rat called Aladdin. After meeting and falling in love with Princess Jasmine, he wants to do whatever it takes to win her heart.

While there are several of the same characters in this remake, the animation change brought some changes to Disney’s love story. That includes Princess Jasmine, who, instead of just wanting to choose her own husband, wants to be the ruler of her kingdom.

This version features Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine

This version of Princess Jasmine is produced by Naomi Scott, a former Disney Channel original film, Lemon mouth. The differences, however, occur both in the actions of the Princess and in her new song, titled “Speechless,” which appears throughout the film.

“In the original film, as good as it is for her to fight for the choice of who she wants to marry, that’s where her kind of desire stops,” said Naomi Scott in an interview with The Los Angeles Times.

“In this film, she is more ambitious and looks beyond herself,” she continued. “She is trying to defend her kingdom against this evil dictator [Jafar]. It shows that you can control it and you can love. Both of you, girls, and both can be apart. ”

Don’t worry, though. A number of iconic songs continue to appear throughout the film. That includes Princess Jasmine and Aladdin’s song “A Whole New World,” and a Genie hymn entitled “Friend Like Me.”

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Why is Princess Jasmine’s new song, ‘Speechless’?

For the animated version of Aladdin, Princess Jasmine only sang with Aladdin during “All New World. By giving her a powerful new song, the producer explained, the audience has a better understanding of her “climate moment” in her fight against Jafar. Just as the words say, she will never go speechless again.

“We basically needed a hymn for Naomi, and for Jasmine,” said producer Dan Lin in an interview with INSIDER. “It builds that climate moment where it pushes back and fights back and steers. ”

If you want to keep track of some of Disney’s most popular princess movies, including White Snow and the Seven Dwarfs, the animated version of Aladdin, and Beauty and the beast, head to the Disney streaming platform, titled Disney +. To learn more about Disney + and to subscribe, visit the website.

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