What Was Debbie Reynolds’s Real Name?

Debbie Reynolds has captured an audience over several decades. The stage and screen actress was famous for her full image and powerful voice. Years later, Reynolds family life would make even more of a household name.

While Reynolds had many fans who loved her, some may not be aware that she changed her name at the height of her career. So what is Reynolds’ real name?

Actress Debbie Reynolds
Debbie Reynolds | Dean Loomis / LIFE Photo Collection

A look inside Debbie Reynolds’ entertainment career

Reynolds’ career began in the 1950s. according to Vanity Fair, she was unique from the Hollywood Golden Age. While signing with Warner Bros., Reynolds’ big breakup came when she started working with MGM. Shortly after terminating his contract with MGM, Reynolds began firing in 1952 Singing in the water. She came to a prime location, where she played the love interest of Gene Kelly’s character.

Reynolds’ family life ended quickly after Fisher’s best friend Mike Todd died in 1958. Todd was Elizabeth Taylor’s husband, and the four of them were close friends. Reynolds said she advised Fisher to give Taylor “comfort” while mourning her late husband’s memories. Shortly after he went to see her, Fisher told Reynolds that he had fallen in love with Taylor.

‘Eddie called and I heard Elizabeth say,’ Who is it, dear? Reynolds wrote the memoirs.

Fisher then left his family for the Cleopatra starred and split Reynolds in 1959.

According to the Daily mail, the scandal may be the end of Reynolds’ life. However, her daily drama led to more film careers and box office visits. She continued to work and appeared in shows such as Will & Grace in the 2000s. On December 28, 2016, Reynolds died of a stroke. Her death came one day after Carrie died of a heart attack.

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