What Megan Thee Stallion Thinks Fans Should Expect From Her Debut Album

Rapper Megan Thee Stallion promises her fans that she is diligent on her debut album.

In 2019, Megan’s EP, Fever, put it on the map in the music industry. The project included her great look, “Big Ole Freak,” and “Best You Ever. “While she has released several singles through the COVID-19 epidemic, she is not yet ready to release her first official album. When Megan is willing to share her work with her fans, she said it would reflect what is happening around the world right now.

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE - "Chris Rock" Episode 1786 - Pictured: Music guest Megan Thee Stallion will perform on Saturday, October 3, 2020
Megan Thee Stall | Will Heath / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank

Megan Thee Stallion promises her new album will be ‘crazy. ‘

Megan has been working on new music despite having an exciting year. In July 2020, the 25-year-old rapper was shot in the legs by one of her friends. After keeping quiet about the problem, Megan named her old friend Tory Lanez as her shooter. Lanez later released an album, Daystar, and denied Megan. He was charged with the shooting and could face up to 20 years in prison.

Things seemed to be at peace between the rapper and her label until March 2020. She said 1501 was not paying her as much money as she was bringing into the company. Megan said she received $ 15,000 from the label on Instagram Live after earning more than a billion streams from her music. Megan also said Crawford was “attacked and threatened by social media” after entering into a management deal with Rock Nation. according to Account Board, Crawford has denied committing a crime against Megan.

“It’s a complete lie,” said Crawford. “It simply came to our notice then. Being greedy and taking money from her is crazy. I never tried to take anything from her. The only thing we have ever done is to give, to give, to give. ”

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