What Is Viral TikTok Star Bella Poarch’s Net Worth?

TikTok is the hot social media platform featuring short format videos, often geared to popular songs. TikTok has made headlines many times over the past few months, especially as people are spending more and more time on social media due to the pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19) infection. ). TikTok has spawned a number of new stars, young people who are just starting to finger out and explore big projects – all thanks to their success on TikTok. One of those stars is Bella Poarch, a young woman who started posting to TikTok in the spring of 2020 and who has since risen to prominence for her engaging, hilarious content.

Mobile screen shows TikTok video app in front of digital media company ByteDance headquarters
Mobile screen shows TikTok video app in front of digital media company headquarters ByteDance | Yan Guolin / VCG through Getty Images

Who is Bella Poarch?

Bella Poarch has been uploading content to TikTok since April, but it wasn’t until August that her videos started going viral. No one knows how old Poarch is, but she was reportedly born in the Philippines and spent at least some of her early years there. Those days, according to Trom, she lives in Hawaii – although the jury is still out by age. Some rumors suggest that her real name may not have been “Bella Poarch”.

The undeniable fact is that Poarch ‘s influence on the TikTok population. Poarch, who is a bio on Instagram says she first served in the U.S. Navy in August 2020, after uploading a TikTok video of herself linking a lip to the song “M to the B,” according to Take care. It quickly became one of the most popular videos on the platform, with millions of views and comments. Since the release of that popular video, Poarch has gained millions of new followers and is now one of TikTok’s most bankable stars.

What is most famous for Bella Poarch?

Bella Poarch has been open with her social media followers about her ongoing experiences with depression and anxiety and has stated that she has been living with PTSD since at least 2017 Despite its openness to social media, Poarch has been embroiled in a number of controversies. Poarch was recently spotted with rapper Tyga, which led to a profit that she had been closely associated with the rapper and that the photos were somewhere online. Although the rumor has since been spread, it has fired Poarch ahead in tabloid headlines.

She has also been criticized for her tattoo, one in which the sun rises. Many Koreans believe the offensive image is due to the affiliation with the Japanese Imperial Government. Poarch has since apologized Twitter for unknowingly committing a crime by anyone with her tattoo choice. These days, Poarch maintains its focus on its online content, which includes video spoofs of anime, video games, and other pop culture genres.

What is the net worth of Bella Poarch?

While Bella Poarch remains a rising star, and seems to have a bright future in entertainment ahead of her, the young entertainer has established herself as a major player on TikTok. Its true net worth is not known for sure, but considering that Poarch is a TikTok partner, and that she gets paid for clicks and comments, it looks like she’s racking in the big buckets.

Plus, consider TikTok’s launching a $ 200 million fund to pay creators, it’s very possible that Poarch could become one of the richest young women on social media over the next few years. The rest of the year is likely to be very important for Poarch, as she expands her audience and continues to produce content that will appeal to her fan base.

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