What Is the Bret Michaels Fan Scam?

Fans of Poison and Bret Michaels, be careful! Scammers have recently taken advantage of the rock star’s fandom to get sums of money. Here’s what you need to know about Michaels scam.

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Bret Michaels | Emma MacIntyre / Getty Images for SiriusXM

Scammers are trying to get money from Bret Michaels fans

Michaels is not the first celebrity to counter an online scam, but he is one of the most recent.

“They’ve been asking all of you as true fans to donate money – don’t do this for sure,” Michaels urged fans YouTube. The Poison opponent only accepts money for the sale of his music or merchandise. If fans want to donate to the Life Rocks Foundation, which supports childhood cancer, diabetes, arms and pet charities, fans should go directly to the website.

Scammers have reached out to Michaels fans demanding authentic identities and money. Several people have fallen for the scam and taken advantage of their bank accounts, believing they are Michaels.

“[Scammers] want not to share the phone number they give you, bring this to the attention of the supervisors or tell anyone about their texts as they need the information to be confidential, ”Michaels’ Facebook page read. “They have also known people whose telephone numbers are listed in the ‘about me’ sections.”

Michaels, his teammate, and former co-star are aware of the situation and urge fans to be vigilant.

‘Rock of Love’ star Lacey Sculls looks out for Bret Michaels fans

Michaels before The Rock of Love Co-star Lacey Sculls (née Conner) spotted evidence of the scam in November 2020. Showbiz’s False Label reached out to Sculls via email to get her thoughts on the story.

“I witnessed these scammers on Bret Michaels’ YouTube channel,” Sculls said. “I took this picture and sent it to the representatives of Bret Michaels.”

Sgam Bret Michaels
Bret Michael Scam Account Lacey sculls

Michaels’ official YouTube is “Bret Michaels Official.” The scam account works under the name “Bret Michaels,” but uses the most recent image image of the official account.

“The problem is that the fans are so happy when they think that Bret himself wrote to them, so they don’t take the time to look and understand. the name of the treatment is not the same, ”explained Sculls.

Ironically, Sculls says the same scammers tried to pull a man on her.

“I was like, ‘Oh man, this proverb has no idea that he tried to pull a fast man on the s * tch from The Rock of Love! ‘”

Fortunately, everything seems to be under the control of Michaels and his team.

Bret Michaels arranges support for scammed fans

Michaels posted another statement on YouTube warning fans about the spies.

“To my family, friends and fans, I just wanted to say that you will be aware of the disease that progresses through this pandemic,” Michaels said.

It’s incredible how many of Bret Michaels ’outfielders out there reach out to my amazing fans, friends, and family, and try to scam them. I tell you all during this pandemic, that people feel sad, lonely and vulnerable.

Michaels also talked about what he is going to do to help those fans who have been victims of the scam.

“I’m taking this moment to tell you how badly I am taking this,” he continued. “We are going to work with Dr. Phil to help people suffering with these garbage bags. So try it, everyone, be aware. ”

Sculls greatly appreciates Michaels ’efforts. “Education has power,” she said. “All of us – celebrities and non-celebrities alike – must continue to raise awareness and inform others about this issue.”

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