What Is ‘Cobra Kai’ Star Ralph Macchio’s Net Worth?

In the late 80s, Ralph Macchio was one of the most famous people in Hollywood. And these days, he’s back in the spotlight to recap his famous role as Daniel LaRusso in. An Karate Kid spinoff series, Cobra Kai. Here’s a look back at Macchio’s 40-year career and the estimated net worth.

Ralph Macchio Cobra Kai
Ralph Macchio Polk / Getty rich images for IMDb

Ralph Macchio started his TV career

At the age of 19, Macchio landed for the first TV acting part of the ABC comedy drama, Eight is enough. A few years later, he portrayed SE Hinton’s character, Johnny Cade, in Francis Ford Coppola’s adaptation of The strangers.

Macchio came ashore An Karate Kid a fixed role performed in The strangers. He defeated actors like Sean Penn, Tom Cruise, Charlie Sheen, Robert Downey Jr., and Nicolas Cage, all of whom heard for Daniel.

Pat Morita and Ralph Macchio in 'The Karate Kid'
Pat Morita and Ralph Macchio in ‘The Karate Kid’ | Columbia Images / Getty Images

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After appearing in the first three Karate Kid films, Macchio starred in the acclaimed Academy Award – winning campaign My Cousin Vinny, opposite Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei. From 2008 to 2009, he starred in ABC comedy, Ugly bet.

The actor also appeared on programs of Entourage and How I met your mother. And in 2017, he landed a role as Haddix Officer in the HBO series, The Deuce.

He repeated his character ‘Karate Kid’ for ‘Cobra Kai’

Macchio and his An Karate Kid Co-star William Zabka repeated their roles as Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence for Cobra Kai. The series catches up with the martial artists and dives back into their decades-long conflict.

“Daniel is a different person,” Macchio said Rolling Stone when he talks about his Cobra Kai character. “He is 35 years older. It is the same universe, but a different world. The tone is a bit different though the goosebumps and all that An Karate Kid There were. ”

The actor admitted that some might criticize him for falling back into the franchise. But he noted that he is currently taking on other projects that are not typing for him.

“Certainly there are some people who will definitely say, ‘Oh, he’s playing that role again,'” Macchio said. “And that’s great. I try to balance it with shows like The Deuce and whatever is in the deck circle now. ”

What is the net worth of Ralph Macchio today?

Macchio has been in shows for nearly four decades. And although he succeeded between An Karate Kid and Cobra Kai Not so special, the actor has gained net worth.

As of this writing, Macchio ‘s net worth is estimated at $ 4 million, as reported by Famous Net Worth. For the first two seasons of Cobra KaiHe reportedly earned $ 100,000 per program, reaching nearly $ 1 million per quarter. The series is now on Netflix, so the net worth of Macchio could grow this year.

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