What Happened to R&B Star Daniel Caesar After He Invited Fans to Cancel Him?

Daniel Caesar was one of the biggest stars in music a few years ago. However, as artists like Lucky Daye and Giveon continue to raise their profiles, Caesar did not get the attention he did when he first retired. Freudian. All of this can be traced back to a social media rant in which Caesar told his followers that he could be fired after he defended a woman against claims of propriety and insensitive racial views.

Daniel Caesar
Daniel Caesar | Photos by George Pimentel / Getty

The YesJulz controversy

In 2019, Casear opposed a major backlash for defending YesJulz, a controversial person on social media who regularly faces allegations of cultural acceptance. At the time YesJulz was opposed to online criticism for bringing racial slurs towards Black women.

“Why are we so big for Julz?” Casear said on Instagram live. “Why are we so big for white people right now? That is a big question. Why we are allowed to be disrespectful and rude to everyone else and when anyone returns energy of any kind to us … That is not equality. I don’t want to be treated like I can’t have a joke. “

When people started calling it out in live video comments, it then started doubling down. “White people have meant something to us before, yeah, but what are you going to do about it?” he said. “Tell me what are you going to do about that? There is no answer, only creation and understanding and keeping it moving. You have to close that gap. ”

He told people to “put it off,” and of course Twitter did just that, dragging it for hours. “I think your boys are wrong and I think I’m right,” he said. I’m making music right now and your boys don’t have to listen to it. ”

What has happened after

After the appointment, Caesar released a new record. The album received rave reviews and received a Grammy nomination for its collaboration with Brandy, “Love Again.” But still, the record itself, Case Study 01, it was not a great commercial success. With Grammy nominations aside, Caesar’s public opinion has made a huge impact on music fans and listeners.

In an interview last year with CBC, Caesar did not seem to regret what. he said but he might have done something different.

“[M]aybe I was just upset because everyone has been through this, ”he said. “People say things that hurt you personally all your life, and I’ve heard far worse things said about me… And I can’t be mad that other people are crazy. That’s how the world works. But if I didn’t have a million followers on Instagram, I would get online and say that wouldn’t have matured. That is what I am upset about. ”

When asked about his responsibilities to be a big stage person, Caesar said, “And if I know people are going to be confused about my views, is it more accountable not to say ? Or to say and deal with the background? What is the right thing to do? Everyone is going to be upset about everything. And I felt like I was standing up for what was right. But is it worth it? I do not know.”

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