What Else Has ‘Heroes’ Actor Leonard Roberts Been in? His Other Notable TV Roles Include a Cult Hit

Actor Leonard Roberts wrote an article about his experience filming Heroes, the famous NBC sci-fi drama that debuted from 2006-2010. In the recording, he explains what made him write his character, and how this changed his career. So what the next series is Roberts famous?

Leonard Roberts appeared in season 1 ‘Heroes’

(lr) Noah Gray-Cabey as Micah Sanders, Leonard Roberts as DL Hawkins, Ali Larter as Niki / Jessica Sanders in ‘Heroes’ | Paul Drinkwater / NBCU / NBCUniversal Photo Bank via Getty Images

Roberts DL Hawkins looked in Heroes. The character has been introduced to five shows into the first season of the series. DL was imprisoned and managed to break out after discovering his power of intolerance. He returns home to his wife, Niki Sanders (Ali Larter), and his son, Micah (they both have abilities too).

DL spends much of the season trying to protect Micah from Niki, whose other personality, Jessica, often uses her super-emotional strength for the wrong reasons. He is killed at the end of season 1, but in the season 2 program “Four Months Ago…” he is told that he survived that shot, but was killed by another man.

In 2020, he talked about set abuse

(lr) Ali Larter as Niki Sanders / Jessica Sanders, Leonard Roberts as DL Hawkins, Allan Arkush (director) on the set of 'Heroes'
(lr) Ali Larter as Niki Sanders / Jessica Sanders, Leonard Roberts as DL Hawkins, Allan Arkush (director) on the set of ‘Heroes’ | Chris Haston / NBCU / NBCUniversal Photo Bank via Getty Images

More than a decade after the series ended, Roberts honestly talked about his time on it Heroes. “It is clear that the complaints of Black Lives Matter evoked feelings of anger, fear and shame associated with a time in my professional life. I now think it deserves reflection, and public attention, ”he wrote in an article for Variety.

Roberts explained how it was written off Heroes in Q2 after Larter complained about it to those in charge. “I was now one – as an actor, a Black man, and as a man – who felt disrespected,” Roberts wrote. “I just wanted to see and hear him, if he was just on the way out the door,” he said, wishing for more of his character’s death.

Roberts again had his first role on ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’

Leonard Roberts as DL Hawkins in 'Heroes'
Leonard Roberts as DL Hawkins in ‘Heroes’ | Mitchell Haaseth / NBCU / NBCUniversal Photo Bank via Getty Images

Roberts began acting in the ’90s after graduating from college with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. After a few small film duties and a few TV appearances, he was thrown in as Forrest Gates Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 4. The actor appeared in 12 programs broadcast from 1999-2000.

Forrest is introduced as a close friend to the love interest of the titular characters, Riley Finn. Both men are UC Sunnydale college students who are also in the military and serving as part of the Campaign. Forrest doesn’t like Buffy, especially when he learns who she is. And it will be a problem for Riley and Buffy late in the season.

He went on to appear in ‘Major Crimes’ and ‘The Magicians’.

Much of Roberts ’career is made up of recurring or guest TV roles. It has appeared in lines as Smallville, Castle, List of messengers, Mom, and The People v. OJ Simpson: The Story of American Crime. As he wrote in the piece Variety, “It would be 10 years before I became a regular series again. ”

Roberts Vice President Leo Mason was introduced into the TNT approach Serious crimes Season 5. He became part of the top team with the sixth and final season. The actor was then starring in the Syfy series The Druids as King Idri of Loria, again in a recurring role.

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