Were Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama in a Relationship When They Starred in ‘Charming’?

Although he focused primarily on music these days, Demi Lovato still an actor. And one project gone, Geasach, reached Netflix in 2021. Lovato worked with ex-girlfriend Wilmer Valderrama on the project. Are Lovato and Valderrama still friends? Or was the film made back when they were going back?

Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama relationship timeline

Wilmer Valderrama (L) and Demi Lovato on February 13, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.
Wilmer Valderrama (L) and Demi Lovato on February 13, 2013, in Los Angeles, California. | Jeff Vespa / Getty Images for Topshop Topman

Lovato and Valderrama met when the singer was 17. She and the ’70s exhibition the actress appeared in a public service message for Voto Latino that began in early 2010. Lovato says she was immediately attracted to him, but they didn’t start dating until she turned 18 later that year.

Valderrama and Lovato broke up once or twice, but for the most part, they remained a couple until 2016. When they broke up, it separated ways, and neither had anything negative about the other. . Valderrama was reportedly there for Lovato after his 2018 overdose.

Lovato says she will never speak to Valderrama again

LOVE: Demi Lovato explains why she and Ex Wilmer Valderrama are no longer “in each other’s lives”

In moving on with their lives, Lovato and Valderrama moved apart. However, there is still no bad will between them. “I’m very happy for him and I wish him nothing but the best, but we’re not in each other’s lives, we haven’t talked in a short time,” she said. Bazaar Harper in 2020.

“I think I needed that because I needed to be okay with myself,” Lovato said of putting some space between her and Valderrama. “When you grow up in a relationship with someone at that young age and then spend six years with someone, you don’t really learn about yourself. ”

Their animated film ‘Charming’ reached Netflix in 2021

Geasach is an animated film about Prince Charming (heard by Valderrama). Every woman he meets falls in love with him, but he never fell for them. While trying to break the curse, he meets Lenore (Lovato), a jewel thief, and falls in love with her. But he doesn’t know that she’s cursed too.

Although it reached Netflix in January 2021, Geasach made years ago. Lovato signed on to Lenore’s voice and the executive team making the film’s soundtrack back in 2015, while she and Valderrama were still back in the making. The film was made by Valderrama production company WV Entertainment.

Valderrama calls his ex-girlfriend ‘amazing’

Because Lovato’s work is on Geasach which ended years ago, is very likely not on her radar. However, Valderrama acknowledged her role in the project in his work Instagram caption, indicating its release. He tagged her as part of the “amazing team” with Avril Lavigne, Ashley Tisdale, and more.

Many Lovato fans who are still “putting it off” by Valderrama were thrilled to finally see the film together. However, the days of romance are long gone. While Lovato parted ways with ex-boyfriend Max Ehrich in 2020, Valderrama is expecting his first child with his fiancée, Amanda Pacheco.

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