Wendy Williams Threatens To Expose Her Brother; Makes Shady Reference About His Sexuality – Williams’ Brother Responds

Wendy Williams ’family drama pours over to the Hot Topics section of her talk show throughout the day. After a few turbulent years dealing with the consequences of her divorce, Williams and her brother are now embroiled in public controversy.

Wendy Williams
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Williams’ brother accuses the media maiden of not attending their mother’s funeral. As a result, Williams warns her brother to close or else she will reveal his own mysteries. During a recent tap, Williams made shady remarks that fans believe refer to her brother’s sexuality.

Wendy Williams’ brother explains that the show did not attend the mother’s funeral

Williams’ mother died in late 2020. It is not clear what caused her death, but it was announced during the blog round. The show’s guest addressed her mother through the Hot Topics section of her show, saying that her mother passed “many, several weeks” before it was made public.

But Williams’ brother Tommy denied that the mother died weeks before the public became aware. He said he did not know why Williams said that and believed she needed to take time to grieve and heal.

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Later, Tommy said in a video blog that Williams was not present at their mother’s funeral in Florida. He said Williams went to a memorial service before the funeral and jumped to the funeral, saying she was flying back to New York. Instead, Tommy said Williams met her husband Kevin for lunch.

Per Tommy, Williams’ husband, Kevin Hunter, was present at the funeral service, which he says is commendable.

Wendy Williams threatens to reveal her brother; giving a shady impression of his sexuality

Among Tommy’s video blog, Williams took the time to talk directly to her brother during her time talk show on 18 January.

“Tommy, let me tell you something right now. It’s just my brother. You’d better stop talking the way you talk, because now it’s flowing into my comments page, ”she said.

Williams then threatened Tommy, saying she would reveal his own mysteries.

“He wants me to be someone I am not. Honey, you don’t want me to start pegging that you’re the one you are, with full-blown receipts. I could fill the audience with receipts, with what’s left all the way around the block… You certainly won’t want to talk about what I know about you. ”

She also commented on her dress and asked Tommy if he liked it, which fans took as a dig at Tommy’s sexuality.

“If you want to talk on the internet you’re talking about what you think you know about yourself – you don’t want to talk about what I know about you, to sure – Anyway, do you like my dress, Tommy? He would like a dress like this, ”said Williams.

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Interestingly, in the upcoming documentary to air on Lifetime on January 30 after her television biopic, Williams says that she and Tommy have a close relationship and have been since they were children. It is not clear when their movement began.

Wendy Williams’ brother is not afraid of her threats

Tommy never shuts off anytime soon. After Williams’ comments, he released another one video blog doubling down on his previous statements. This time, he shook Williams for saying he was lying to their father about her place on the day of the funeral.

“Our father didn’t know you were in town for the scene,” Tommy sculpted. “You are out eating lunch with your son and son, which I believe would not be a problem if you had told your father that. He has been hurt, he has hurt Wendy. That’s why I’m here right now. It’s not fair, it’s not right, it hurts. It hurts him, it hurts me, it hurts the family. ”

Tommy also complains that Williams is “empty” and “voluntary”. ”

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