Wendy Williams Slams Scott Disick For Dating Lisa Rinna’s 19-Year-Old Daughter: ‘Scott’s Got a Problem With Young Girls’

Wendy Williams has built up a reputation for speaking her mind; it is part of the reason she has given her oral presentation, Wendy Williams Exhibition, for so many years. Williams often discusses celebrity news without holding back, and she had words of choice for Scott Disick’s new relationship with Lisa Rinna’s teenage daughter, Amelia Hamlin.

Wendy Williams; Scott Disick | Anndra Toth / Getty Images; Mindy Small / FilmMagic

Wendy Williams ’words have landed in hot water in the past

Since 2008, Williams has been giving his honest views on celebrity spells through his talk show. Relationships, breakups and controversies are all part of Williams’ daily “Hot Topics” section, which begins her show. However, Williams ’goodwill in bringing the news to her fans doesn’t always fit well with some.

Williams caught fire after saying Rob Kardashian could “do better” than his girlfriend Tommie Lee back in January 2020; Lee Williams called out, and Lee ‘s fans supported him Love & Hip Hop star. Williams also had a bit of an explanation when she said that gay men will never “be the women we are, no matter how gay.” She was facing a huge backlash from fans, which forced her to apologize the next day. Williams ’harsh words have given her credibility in the world of talk show, but she’s certainly on board. Moreover, her recent claims about Blac Chyna’s homelessness have not gone well.

Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams | Photos Santiago Felipe / Getty

Williams blamed Scott Disick for going around another 19-year-old

In her show on November 17, Williams did not hold back her feelings about Scott Disick’s new romance with Lisa Rinna’s 19-year-old daughter Amelia Hamlin. Disick and Hamlin were seen getting comfortable on the beach together, but Williams was not happy to see the 37-year-old go around another teenager. (Eliminate Sofia Richie before she was 19.)

“I suspect Scott has a problem with young girls,” Williams said of Scott’s videos with his arm around Hamlin. “Mind is stopped by growth.” Williams is not a medical expert, so she finds it difficult to support the claims that Disick’s brain has been “frightened.” But Williams went on to target Hamlin, questioning why Disick would be up for her date. “Now, she’s a beautiful girl, but a lot of girls look like that. Do you see anything special? ” Williams’ live audience understood where she came from, but they seemed shy about agreeing.

Scott Disick;  Amelia Hamlin
Scott Disick; Amelia Hamlin | Presley Ann / Getty Images; Rachel Murray / Getty Images for Rolla’s

Williams suggested that Rinna was not a good mother

While discussing the new relationship, Williams called out Real Beverly Mountain Housewives star Lisa Rinna, Hamlin’s mother, for letting her daughter be someone nearly 20 years older than her teenager.

“Lisa Rinna, I’m so sorry for you,” said Williams. “Are you okay with this? Are you okay with your 19-year-old daughter dating a 37-year-old? ” The talk show guest said Rinna had only let Hamlin so far Disick “Because we wouldn’t know your daughter. ”Williams seems to think that Rinna just wants the relationship to put out her daughter ‘s name. It’s unclear right now if Disick and Hamlin are official, or if it’s just a short fling.

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