Wendy Williams’ Latest Comments About Donald Trump Are Not Sitting Well With Fans — ‘You’ve Lost Me After 10 Seasons’

Wendy Williams recently sparked her supporters in controversy over the loss of President Donald Trump to the 2020 election to Joe Biden.

Biden became the president-elect of the United States in November 2020. Since the election, Trump has made several allegations of election fraud and has threatened to take legal action against key states. The first official visit of Biden’s presidency will take place in January 2021.

Wendy Williams will attend the “New Money Order” Documentary Screen at the Lighthouse International Theater on February 20, 2020 in New York City.
Wendy Williams | Johnny Nunez / WireImage

Wendy Williams believes that Donald Trump has ‘every right’ to scrutinize the 2020 election

After several days of counting votes, Biden was announced as the winner over Trump in the 2020 election. After the election, Trump’s social media went viral over voter fraud, as he believed that he rightly won the presidential seat. Trump also told his supporters that he would look into the matter and plan to run a formal investigation.

After watching Williams mistake “coronavirus” and “Adele” in her “Hot Topics” section, fans addressed Williams’ behavior under the group. Instagram ideas section of an October 2020 program.

“Did anyone hear her call ‘Corona’ ‘Cronova’ twice three weeks ago? She has been struggling, and the people around her must help her! ‘ ”One Instagram user shouted.

“Wendy, I’m not being rude. It was hard to watch today. I will not say anything negative about you because you are a myth. I hope everything is fine. It was hard to watch Norman and Suzanne trying their best not to get involved. I hope you are well, ”said another viewer via Instagram.

“See if you can get some help,” said another fan.

How to get help: In the US, contact Administration of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services helpline at 1-800-662-4357.

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