Wendy Williams Gets Accused of Substance Misuse by Blac Chyna’s Mom, Tokyo Toni After Fans Address ‘Concerning’ Behavior on Her Show

Wendy Williams received several charges against him from Blac Chyna’s mother, Tokyo Toni.

Since then Wendy Williams Exhibition back for Season 12 in September 2020, Williams ’behavior on camera became a hot topic. Many viewers of the show have expressed their concerns about Williams’ health over the past few months.

Wendy Williams was seen outside walking in Manhattan on February 18, 2020 in New York City ./Tokyo Toni in attendance
(LR): Wendy Williams and Tokyo Toni Robert Kamau / GC / Arnold Turner / Getty Images Images for Zeus Network

Williams’ former employee, DJ Boof, has also made some allegations against Williams and his team.

Wendy Williams was involved in substance abuse at an LA Pride event, according to Blac Chyna’s mother, Tokyo Toni

In June 2019, Williams was spotted outside throughout the LA Pride weekend. The new single guest spent the day with Blac Chyna and her mother, Toni. according to Brand Jasmine, Toni explained the trip during an interview with Armon Wiggins Exhibition in October 2020.

After Williams’ presentation, Toni took to Instagram in June 2019 and said that Williams should not talk about Toni or her family. Toni then threatened to fight Williams and also sent the Emmy nominee to use cocaine while out together.

“Wendy is so far away, when I see her, I put her face off,” said Toni. “When I see you, bitch, I get paid. Ima is bothering you, ”she continued. “You said I cried?” When I walked in, you were sniffing coke. ”

Despite Toni’s allegations, Williams says she has not used cocaine since the 1990s but spent time in a solemn living facility last year. This season, fans raised their concerns after Williams made a mistake on coronavirus and dropped her words on stage.

Former DJ Williams, DJ Boof, shared in October 2020 that he believes Williams is no longer solemn, and her team supports her practices to keep their jobs.

How to get help: In the US, contact Administration of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services helpline at 1-800-662-4357

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