Was Luke Evans Ashamed of His Sexuality?

It’s easy to forget that when the cameras are turned off, celebrities have a personal life just like the rest of us. Actor Luke Evans is very special – and it’s not always quick to share information about his private life with the rest of the world. Recently, however, Evans faced rumors that he was hiding his gender.

Luke EvansLuke Evans
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Who is Luke Evans?

Evans is a Welsh singer and actor. At 41, he has worked hard for about 20 years, starting his career in musical theater at London’s West End. Evans appeared in his first film a few years later. And since then, fans have enjoyed it in movies including Fast & Fierce 6, The Hobbit, and Disney live action Beauty and the beast.

Evans also sang on the Beauty and the beast soundtrack for his role as Gaston. And he released his first studio album with the title at last in 2019.

Luke Evans talks to rumors that he was hiding his gender

Evans recently sat down with Opinion to discuss the rumors that he is hiding his gender as a gay man. According to the magazine, Evans has been open about his sexuality all his life, but as he gained higher levels of fame some felt he was too quiet about his sexuality and “pushed himself back to the closet. However, Evans said that was not why it was so private.

“It was the last thing I had, because everything else I gave to the world,” he told Attitude. “My career was public, I was photographed, and all. My personal life just became the last thing I had. Also, the weird thing was, when people found out I was gay, there were a lot of articles and written stuff saying I was hiding it, and I wasn’t. ”

Evans told the magazine that he first realized he was different from the other boys he knew when he was about 9 years old. And he was against difficult times growing up.

“I mean, I was a happy child. I’m a very optimistic man and I made the most of it, ”he said. “But I didn’t have a good school life. I was badly harassed. I was an only child. There were a lot of bullies in my school, and I was an easy target. ”

He ended up leaving home at the age of 16 to find a place where he could fit in.

“I needed to find my identity, and I needed to be independent of my family, find my voice and be a happy, gay teenager. A teenager living alone, ”he said.

Evans says he has had a life ‘that he was never ashamed of

Evans is confident in the life decisions he has made for himself.

“I went into the world as a child, because I had to,” he told Attitude. “I am proud and happy, and have had a great life that I am very happy with. And I was never ashamed. ”

He also hopes with success that it has been proven that gay actors can be profitable film directors.

“I hope I’ve broken down a lot of barriers, just because I’m trying to represent my community, but I can’t represent everyone. And of course I can’t please everyone, ”he said. “I have to do it the way I do.”


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