Vivica A. Fox Reveals if She’ll Date Another Rapper After Long Feud With Her Ex, 50 Cent

It’s been nearly 20 years since Vivica A. Fox and 50 Cent split but that hasn’t stopped the former lovers from squabbling in the media about their relationship. Over the years, everyone has been trading misunderstandings about each other for a long time. With the Fox – like experience unfolding after their breakup, she opens up wondering if she will ever go out on another rapper.

50 Cent and Vivica A. Fox
50 Cent and Vivica A. Fox KMazur / WireImage

Vivica A. Fox has a short date and they have been joking since they separated

Fox ‘s relationship with 50 lasted only a few months in 2003. Despite the brief romance, Fox has spoken openly about their time together, admitting that 50 was young and fun. However, 50 has said he believes Fox used him to help revive his acting career as he was the hottest rapper at the time.

Many argued that their separation was the result of scrutiny and media attention, but Fox believes otherwise.

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“No, it wasn’t the press… he was,” Fox said in an interview with Tyra Banks on his talk show. “I was just thinking about that ghetto love. This was his way of dealing with the breakup. ”

She then said that she believes 50 is part of the LGBTQ community. Fox denies 50, claiming she was “cunning” and that her invisible personality contributed to their breakup.

Fox shared details of their intimate life in her self-help book, which 50 did not value. He spoke out on social media, writing, “Early Monday, waking up to this ***, that was 14 years ago. SMH, who does this? ‘

50 has always complained that Fox has been pregnant with it over the years, which Fox denies. Fox ‘s feelings towards her ex have gone over the years, preparing more for the negative. She still maintains that 50 was a real love in her life.

Vivica A. Fox opens up whether she will ever go out another rapper

Fox and 50 controversy over and over again. With such heartbreak from their separation, Bevy Smith asked Fox if she would outwit another rapper in a recent interview with Fox on Smith Bevelations podcast.

“No, no, no,” Fox asks. She follows:

“I think that’s a rule I’ve learned – and there’s nothing against rappers being honest with you – I just want to give a date to someone who’s not in the entertainment industry so that there’s no competition. – none of that. I am really looking forward to a nice businessman and companion. Someone I can have fun with, travel with, and do what they do and they do what they do. ”

Vivica A. Fox, Bevelations

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Fox is not the only celebrity that Fox has dated. She has also been linked with Dennis Rodman, previously married to singer Christopher Harvest, and briefly involved with club promoter Omar Slim White.

Fox will not determine if she is single or not. She told Smith that there was an “interesting person” she was going to at the moment but she would not give further details.

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