Viola Davis Reveals Chadwick Boseman ‘Hated the Celebrity Part’ of Acting

There was no shortage of celebrities in 2020 but among the most notable was the late Chadwick Boseman. Boseman was a very talented actor who was known for his roles in films such as get along and Black panther. At just 43 years old, fans were completely trapped when he died, especially since very few people even knew he had been diagnosed with colon cancer. there eventually gave his life. Despite being ill, Boseman continued to shoot films, his last one Ma Rainey black bottom who fired next to Viola Davis.

Viola Davis reflects on Chadwick Boseman
Viola Davis | Rachel Murray / Getty Images for L’Oréal Paris

Ma Rainey black bottom is a film based on the eponymous play by August Wilson. The film is expected to hit Netflix on December 18, 2020, and industry professionals are already excited that Boseman’s outstanding performance could actually earn him an Oscar nomination. But what was it like working with Boseman? In a recent interview with InStyle Davis, who worked with Bosman on it Ma Rainey black bottom and Get along, pressure into the late actor.

Viola Davis remembers her co-star Chadwick Boseman

“He was a handsome man and a great artist,” Davis said of Boseman. “It is as Issa Rae said: ‘We had it as African Americans.’ He was someone who had a quality that very few of them have today, whether young or old, that is a total commitment to the art form of acting. Whatever the ego, whatever it is. ” The How to get away with murder Alum went on to say that Boseman was more passionate about the art of acting than all that the work offers.

“He was with the same agent he had when he started his career,” Davis said. “And when you were with him on the set, he didn’t want to handle celebrities at all. He hated that. He did, of course. We had some discussion about that. He said, ‘Viola, I’m not worried about the work. I don’t worry all the time. It’s the other stuff that overwhelms me. ‘He hated the famous part. I have to say, we all do. We must be a person we do not know. ”

As the ‘Ma Rainey black bottoma star tackles the iconic side of acting

Surprisingly, Boseman was able to put on such a great show as he was not excited about the famous part of acting. This is especially true after being thrown in Black panther and it was smeared into an even greater superstition. While we may not know for sure how Boseman was able to manage all the fame and attention he gathered, Davis gave some insight into how she, as another A-listed actress, manages her hygiene.

“There are some people who feel that there is no difference between them as an artist and the public figure,” Davis told the magazine. “It helped me to experience the difference. I can smile and stand, realizing that it is just a career threat. “We can certainly see how a slight separation between her public and private lives could help David make the most of his career. We look forward to seeing what she and Chadwick Boseman can create together Ma Rainey black bottom.

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