U.S. Capitol Attack Has Pop Culture Fans Thinking of Nicolas Cage

The connection between real events and pictures of pop culture has always been a complex and meaningful thing. We use pop culture to make sense of the world around us when the events ahead are getting heavy and difficult. In addition to exploring real events from the past, we also use fictional explorations of what may have come about as a way to teach lessons about the fares we want to avoid.

From post-apocalyptic explorations of what makes humanity work to political dramas that pull back the curtain on the inner workings of democracy, pop culture plays an important role in understanding and shaping mainstream events. .

After the hilarious attack on the U.S. Capitol, fans are turning to pop culture again. This time, it’s Nicolas Cage who stands at the middle of the memes that followed.

US Capitol attacked with ‘coup attempt’

On Wednesday, January 6, 2021, America expected some of the most bizarre ups and downs as usual to end election votes to officially make Joe Biden President after his success at the ballot box in November. Following the incident, Donald Trump had been using his social media platform to post fake polls and persuaded his supporters to take action on his behalf.

Writing for The Washington Post, Eugene Robinson explained in an opinion piece: “Trump told his MAGA forces that he did not really lose the election, that he could not have lost, and that he could stay as president for the second term. ”

With that impact close to mind, a number of Trump supporters acted as requested by the President and gathered outside the Capitol to protest the final election decision. What happens then goes down in history: “crowds stormed the security barriers, overcame larger numbers and resembled Capitol police, and smashed windows to pour them into American seat of power. ” Robinson and others have described the uprising – which left four dead and dozens arrested – as a “coup attempt. ”

Nicolas Cage has a film related to Foundation

Nicolas Cage will be standing during a photo shoot on day three of the 2018 Sitges Film Festival on October 6, 2018 in Sitges, Spain.
Nicolas Cage Robert Marquardt / Getty Images

What does this dark day have for American democracy with actor Nicolas Cage? A a very moving film which spans genres and includes weird indie movies as well as breaking big chunks.

His achievements include his role as Benjamin Franklin Gates, the protagonist of the National Finance movies. The original National Finance released in 2004 and features Ben, a treasure hunter with a legacy to maintain, following a series of clues.

The plot takes advantage of the strange – and impressive – thing when Ben has to steal the Declaration of Independence to protect him from his ex-partner. The results are a real spark of campy activity and plenty of scenes that have left social media today feeding full of linguistic connections between the fictional Ben Gates and the real criminals who threatened national security at the helm. Capitol.

Nicolas Cage memes are flooding the internet

In the aftermath of the Capitol disaster, there is a wide range of responses. While lawyers and public officials want order and accountability, many citizens are using social media to embrace their problems and fears with humor.

This is where Cage and his portrait of Ben Gates come into play Film every day reports, many people saw the siege of the Capitol as a good time to remind America of the hero they didn’t know they needed – Ben Gates.

Some wrote about how those in the middle of a coup attempt should watch the film to learn a few lessons about the complexity of the Capitol storm. Others joked that they wanted to know where Cage was and if all this attracted attention so that he could steal the Declaration of Independence.

One Twitter user write: “All of this is drawing attention to the fact that Nic Cage can steal the Declaration of Independence. ”Another thing he asked astronomically: “Do we know exactly where Nic Cage is now?”

In general, the body of Cage work on National Finance it gave fans a minute of leverage during a really bad day.

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