‘Twilight’: Stephenie Meyer Helped Taylor Lautner Rationalize Jacob and Renesmee’s Relationship

Any fan of the Evening movies will remember that there was an infamous love triangle between the three main characters. While Bella Swan was in unconditional love with vampire Edward Cullen, she had enough love in her heart for a werewolf, Jacob Black. And although Evening fans bet on who was in danger, no one expected Jacob to eventually end up with Renesmee Cullen, the half-human child of Edward and Bella.

Stephenie Meyer and Taylor Lautner Twilight Movies
Stephenie Meyer and Taylor Lautner Kevin Winter / Getty images

Even though Jacob ‘s ultimate love interest came as a surprise to fans, Stephenie Meyer, who wrote the Evening books, in fact they began to prepare fans for it Eclipse. Jacob explains to Bella that one of his best friends, his fellow hero Quil Ateara, has impressed two-year-old Claire Young. Naturally, Bella is overwhelmed by this experience, but Jacob manages to explain to her that he has seen inside Quil ‘s head and his feelings for the child and not at all romantic.

Taylor Lautner struggled with how they could portray print in the ‘Twilight’ films

While Bella gains an understanding of print when she discovers that Jacob is about to impress Renesmee she struggles with the concept. And she’s almost the same. There were also a lot of fans who didn’t like the idea and even the actors found Meyer’s solution to the love triangle she created a bit challenging to navigate. Taylor Lautner, in particular, was initially thrown off by his character’s connection to the child.

In an interview with Collider, Lautner initially expressed concern about how Jacob ‘s relationship with Renesmee might be revealed. He wanted to show that he cared about her not going over to the world of creep. “Yeah, it’s a good line and I was worried about it,” Lautner admitted of filming the last of the Evening films with the knowledge that Jacob and Renesmee had this special connection. In the end, the actor relied heavily on Meyer to truly understand the connection.

How Stephenie Meyer helped Latuner guide Jacob ‘s relationship with Renesmee

“We were very fortunate to have Stephenie Meyer, the author, join us for these last two films, and I certainly had a number of conversations with her,” he said. Evening star shared. “No one was better at asking about it than she was, and she basically told me, ‘Stop doing too much. Think here and now. That’s all you need to focus on. It’s simple. ‘She said it was a lifelong connection between two people, and that’s it. At this point, it’s more of a cousin protection thing. That’s what it is. ”

As soon as Lautner was able to focus on the present day, the concept of influencing someone so young was less challenging for him. Lautner also gives credit to Bill Condon, who directed the latter two Evening films, to also help viewers to direct the strange relationship. “I couldn’t let myself think ahead and go beyond that, so that was the zone I had to stay in,” Lautner said. “Bill, our director, has done an admirable job of being fine.”

Lautner is certainly right that the relationship between Jacob and Renesmee is delicate. While the fans Evening movies were probably not animated by the way things were shaking out for Jacob, at least Lautner did everything in his power to prevent the non-powerful situation from escaping what was it basically.

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