‘Twilight’ Star Kristen Stewart Once Said ‘I Couldn’t Have Done the Movie’ If the Filmmakers Didn’t Agree With This Decision

Evening still following Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson around. Both have been on perfect roles since the vampire franchise. However, for many who loved the books and movies, they will always be Bella and Edward, respectively. At first, Stuart was about to say and said that if one thing had gone differently, she might not have made the films.

Kristen Stewart Twilight
Kristen Stewart | MAURIX / Gamma-Rapho through Getty Images

Stewart spoke about her throw at the 2008 press release for the first one Evening film. This is why she said that one aspect of production made a big difference to her.

This may have led Kristen Stewart to discontinue ‘Twilight’

Stuart was cast as Bella before they found their Edward Cullen. Stuart has previously stated that she chose Pattinson as Edward. In 2008, Stuart said she felt so strongly about Pattinson that he was the only actress she felt she could have done. Evening.

“If Rob didn’t get the part and they didn’t think I was right about who we should throw, I wouldn’t have made the film,” said Stuart.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Dominique Charriau / WireImage

“I like it when people are so structured that what they do is down,” Stewart continued. “We looked and we’ll see each other. It was a responsive thing and I didn’t have that with anyone else and I was just thinking, ‘God, everyone lies to me. Why are you all lying? Just go ahead and get the balls to make it real. ‘I’m not telling the story live, but be there while you’re there. He was the only one who did that. He really is a hard worker. I like that. I don’t like lazy actors. ”

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