‘Twilight’: Kristen Stewart Had to Get Her Butt Molded for ‘Eclipse’ but It Was in Vain

Any hardcore fan of the Evening movies know just how challenging the shooting films were at times. The team often had to deal with extreme weather and put the bodies through the thigh as a result of what the films did. Taylor Lautner, in particular, was asked to deal with a ton of gloomy moments while filming Evening, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn – Part 1, and Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

Kristen Stewart stars of the Twilight films
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Because Lautner was portraying a werewolf, Jacob Black, he had to do a lot of things that were physically hard in the Evening movies. Fans will remember that the actor had to undergo a major physical transformation in preparation for New Moon. Lautner adopted an intense diet and exercise regimen and gained 30 pounds of muscle to ensure that an older athlete would not take it.

The ‘Twilight’ films were often physically challenging for the team

But Lautner ‘s challenges did not end there. He often had to make his scenes in very small clothes. Because Jacob has a right to run hotter than people and because his clothes peel off every time he turns into a bewolf, Lautner often appears without a shirt, with shorts. The Evening a star was needed to stimulate the elements in cold and wet weather while also delivering its lines as if influenced by the less favorable conditions.

However, it is Lautner ‘s hardest time physically in the Evening movies came in the third film, Eclipse. In the film, there is a scene where Jacob carries Bella through the woods so that her scent is incomprehensible to the vampires who are after her. With 3 pages of conversation in view, a machine was built for Kristen Stewart (played by Bella) to sit in so Lautner didn’t have to carry it as they were shooting at the scene all day . Stewart even got a mold of her lump made to make the machine look more realistic and give the vision that she was carrying it.

Kristen Stewart’s lump mold was not used in ‘Eclipse’

Unfortunately, the butt mold was made in vain. When filming, the crew realized that the scene just didn’t look reasonable. Out of options, the team asked Lautner Stewart to carry on for the entire scene. Lautner spent the day shooting the 3 minute scene several times. At times, his arms were just giving up and the director had to call a cut. “By the end of the day, my arms are just shaking so badly,” Lautner admitted in the behind-the-scenes photos. Eclipse DVD. But despite the pain Lautner felt, he had to make Stewart look like a windmill because his character meant he had extraordinary strength. Although the day was very challenging for Lautner, Evening fans would never know that while watching the movie.

Surprisingly, Lautner was able to request so many physical objects for the cause of the Evening movies. Considering how much he loved the franchise, we have no doubt that fans would have embraced anyone else in Jacob’s role.

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