‘Twilight’: How Much Weight Did Taylor Lautner Gain To Keep the Role of Jacob Black?

Although it’s hard to imagine anyone but Taylor Lautner making a picture of Jacob Black in the Evening films, the actor was almost replaced after the first film. While the producers had no issues with their acting chops, they were concerned about Lautner ‘s size. As Jacob comes through a very intense physical transition New Moon (thanks to the modern status of werewolf) Lautner was asked to go through a severe physical transformation for himself.

Twilight star Taylor Lautner
Taylor Lautner | Greg Doherty / WireImage

Taylor Lautner was almost replaced after the first ‘Twilight’ film

Before filming New Moon, there were enough rumors that Lautner was in danger of being replaced in the Evening Saga with an older and more muscular actor. However, instead of missing out on the post, Lautner devoted himself to intense diet and exercise to pack on the pounds. Not only did Lautner have to work out with a personal trainer five times a week, but he also had to make sure he ate every two hours to gain weight. Lautner even remembered that he had to carry burger brooches in a Ziploc bag to eat in a pin when in between meetings.

Kristen Stewart explains that she knew Lautner was the right man to represent Jacob Black

But even though other actors for Jacob Black, Kristen Stewart, who played Bella Swan in the Evening films, believing that the whole speech was taken out of measure. In an interview with Collider, she gave some insight into the situation. “I think that controversy seems to have been exacerbated,” said Stuart. “We need to make sure that whoever plays Jacob is like Jacob New Moon. He is such a different man. He will be a man. It’s safe [arc]. It’s not just a physical transformation. He is actually an adult. ”

Stewart went on to say that while the studio and the producers had been considering other actors, she always knew Lautner was up for the challenges needed for the role. “I mean I always knew Taylor could do that but we just had to make sure he was so important,” said the Evening star shared. “So, once he proved himself not difficult to do, even seeing him walking around a set was a different experience. He has literally grown into a different person. He’s just grown up. He is as confident and the best man I have ever met. I know I’m using this grammatically incorrectly but he’s the funniest guy I’ve ever hung up with. So it’s really good. I am so proud of it. ”

What pressure did Lautner gain to keep his career in ‘New Moon’

But what pressure did Lautner have to put on him in order to keep his job? According to one of the carriers for New Moon, Lautner bulked up with a whopping 30 pounds. “New Moon much more complex than Evening was, ”Lautner shared in an official trailer for the film. “Bella is upset when Edward leaves and Jacob will always be her friend. Jacob has changed in many ways; the physical is a lot bigger, 30 pounds bigger. “Clearly, Lautner was willing to do what he was doing to keep his vision in check Evening thrown. We’re sure fans can’t see the movies without it.

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