Tom Hanks Still Loses Sleep Over Every Acting Role He Takes — ‘It’s a Big High Wire Act’

Tom Hanks has appeared in dozens of films and delivered many memorable screenings, but he still grows anxious before each post.

Believe it or not, Hollywood often has heavy times as to whether it can deliver a particular performance.

Tom Hanks has a special philosophy on acting

Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks | NBC / NBCU Photo Bank

Hanks is one of the most talented actors in the game. He has been working professionally since 1980 and has built a reputation for his range and ability. His unique view of the art of acting, and the work of an actor, is a big reason for his success. He shared his thoughts in a recent interview with Graham Bensinger.

“The actor’s job is to inspire himself,” Hanks said. “The actor himself, I think, is able to go anywhere and do anything unknowingly at the time of the show. … As an actor, our job is to embrace the reality of the hour. ”

Tom Hanks is still losing sleep on every post

Even an old actor like Hanks gets anxious before embarking on a new project. Despite the success of his 40 years of experience, he remains uncertain about his ability to fulfill a new role.

“Do it still, do it still,” Hanks said. “As soon as you have that date on the calendar where you have to show off clothes that you don’t own and pretend to be someone you are not, you are in great danger. It’s a big wire action because you have a 50/50 chance that you’re failing. Aren’t you gonna be there. … ”

Tom Hanks announces ’emotional ER’ filmmaking

Hanks has mentioned how difficult it is to make movies several times. According to Hanks, it is his responsibility to know that if he does not do well in any particular scene, it can adversely affect the outcome of the film.

“Any film you go through is an emotional ER,” Hanks said. “You’re being taken back and forth between times when you don’t get it on that day, at that point, it’s not in the movie. So you better be there. The only thing you can do is stretch yourself to some extent and hope for your return. … ”

Tom Hanks can’t look at scenes he feels he didn’t do so well

For Hanks, it’s the joy of not knowing what he needs to have a career that keeps him coming back. He has won two Academy Awards and has won several awards for his on-screen performances, but he still struggles to watch scenes he feels he has not acted to his full potential.

“As soon as I start a film, as soon as it starts, of course – there is the interesting element, but that element is dangerous,” Hanks said. “Can you do it? Are you going to be able to show yourself? And I still watch movies and I think there are times where I go like that [covers camera lens] over the TV or on the screen because I don’t have to see myself as sad. ”

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