Tom Hanks Says He ‘Went Crazy’ While Filming ‘Cast Away’ — ‘When Wilson Was Born, I Had Dialogue With Him’

This year marks the 20th anniversary of its release Throw away, a film that is truly memoryless. It’s Tom Hanks, Throw away undermining his four-year struggle to survive on a remote island after a plane crash.

One of the most famous things in Throw away it was Hanks ‘definite achievement, which had a major impact on Hanks’ mental health. The recently award – winning actor shared that, in the end, he thought he was going crazy.

It’s 20 years since Tom Hanks appeared in ‘Cast Away’

Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks attends 92nd Annual Academy Awards | Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic

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Throw away will always be one of Tom Hanks’ most memorable films. Released in 2000, the film shows the psychological battle that a FedEx systems analyst has to go through after being trapped on a desert island.

The film was a big hit at the time and is still very popular today. Hanks ’mobile performance received a ton of praise and won him a Golden Globe award the following year. There are very few actors who can host an audience on their own, and Hanks excelled at it. Now, 20 years later, fans still love the film and its catchy visuals.

Tom Hanks lost track of when the camera was running

Because of the film’s unique narrative, Tom Hanks spent almost no time on camera with anyone else. Most of his scenes were shot on their own, and the production team chose to shoot Hanks scenes without giving him too much notice. According to a recent interview with Graham Bensinger, Hanks had no idea when the camera was even rolling over for many of his scenes.

“Well, make sure it didn’t matter,” Hanks said. “That film was literally about physical activity, and I don’t even remember where the camera was set up it was always set somewhere because I had to throw a raft together. I had to try to open a coconut, I had – I had – I had to make a fire. I had to climb in or out of a cave. It’s just me, and the box, and the lens and the – and the carriage. “

Tom Hanks ‘went mad’ while filming ‘Cast Away’

Finally, the enduring loneliness and a strong burning record of Throw away he reached Hanks. The more Hanks spent alone with a famous volleyball ball, “Wilson,” the more he began to separate from reality. In the same interview, Hanks revealed that, by the end of the film, he could hear what Wilson was telling him.

“Yeah, when Wilson was born, I had a conversation with him, and I heard him – I heard a conversation in my head,” Hanks said. “Uh wait, I went, I went crazy and I never had a day – I never had a day off. I never got a glimpse of it. I was never off camera for nothing. Yes – yes, the whole movie was – the whole movie was point and lift. Yeah, I don’t even remember hearing ‘action’ and ‘cutting’. You’re just kind of – you’re just like going into the frame and walking out, and that’s the way it is – that’s how we shot the film. I – I – yes – it could be very, very controlling, but uh Bob got what he needed, so thank god. ”

Despite the intense pressure placed on Hanks during filming, Throw away it was a huge success. The film raised more than $ 426 million at the box office, and remains one of Hanks’ most famous films.

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