Tom Hanks Has a Very Selfish Reason Why He Doesn’t Like to Get Mad

Even the biggest stars in the world are still worried. In Hollywood, this could be about how you approach a new career. Other concerns are more personal. And for two-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks, his image as the best man in Hollywood is all tied to one of his personal favorites. This is why the actor doesn’t like to be crazy.

Tom Hanks at a screening of 'Sully'
Tom Hanks at a screening of ‘Sully’ | Photos by Anthony Harvey / Getty

Listeners expect Tom Hanks to always have a ‘nice’ personality

Early on, comedy was Hanks specialty. As one of the stars of Bosom Buddies on TV and then movies like Splash and Great, it was his duty to play similar heroes. However, even when he stepped into drama in the early 1990s, the actor kept everyone ‘s quality. Over the years, he has played moral, consistent figures and trusted professionals in his many successful films.

And so his film has set a special precedent for fans. Hanks admits he doesn’t always keep up with that level. Even many of his daily activities seem to support his reputation as a “nice guy. “The actor often interacts with fans around the world, confirming that his trustworthy image is accurate. But Hanks has a more automatic reason that he hates losing his senses.

Ironically, Tom Hanks’ ‘squeaky voice’ has made billions for Disney

Even though Hanks raises the question of how loud and squeaky his voice can be, it has also been a huge benefit to him. In fact, the actor has given Woody a voice in four Toy Story films from 1995 to 2019. His range of acting ability means he can go from calm and confident to shockingly humorous in an instant. Of course, it’s hard to think of anyone else as Woody.

In most cases the Toy Story franchise, Pixar has made an effort to bring Hanks back. The actor has repeated his role in several TV specials and cartoon summaries over the years. But even when Hanks is unavailable, his “squeaky” voice performance is so symbolic that Disney turns to his younger brother, Jim Hanks, to take over as Woody for other projects.

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