Tom Hanks Admitted He Isn’t Always the Nice Guy Fans Think He Is

After the big day of the 1990s, there were very few popular actors to ensure its success. Tom Hanks was definitely one of those stars, and his impressive personality and range earned him a place among the Hollywood elite. The actor is known for being very nice. But even Hanks himself admits that reputation is not always right.

Tom Hanks at the 92nd Oscars
Tom Hanks at the 92nd Oscars | MARK RALSTON / AFP through Getty Images

Tom Hanks one of the most popular men on screen

Early on, Hanks was a comedy star – then known for his sitcom Bosom Buddies. Even a main goal as Splash and Great he firmly kept it within that gender. Indeed, Hanks did not establish himself as an influential leader until 1993 Philadelphia, for which he won first Academy Award. The next year, he earned a second for Gump Forrest.

For nearly a decade, every film in which Hanks was at the forefront was box office-breaking. Apollo 13, Saving Ryan private, You have a post, The Green Mile, and Throw away they were among the post-Oscar strings. While Hanks no longer promises a beat, it still impresses audiences and critics with films like Captain Phillips, Spies Bridge, and Sully.

But Tom Hanks admits he doesn’t always live up to that person

And the weight of audience opinion is not lost on Hanks. In fact, the actor has often struggled to live up to his “nice” image. And in a 2006 interview with Saga magazine (via WhatCulture), Hanks revealed that it is much more complex than his fans would expect.

“I do not particularly want to admit to the world that I can be a bad person. I just don’t want anyone to have a false expectation. Filmmaking is a hard, volatile industry and if you can’t be ruthless too, there’s a good chance you’ll disappear very quickly. Appearance can be very deceptive – especially in Hollywood. “

As amazing as that may be for fans, Hanks has a good point. Too often being a “nice guy” is the equivalent of being a pushover. And the actor doesn’t seem to be afraid to stick to his guns or fight for what he wants. As he puts it, it seems he would not have been the image he is without that drive.

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