Tom Cruise Was Training to Become a Catholic Priest Until He Got Caught Stealing From His School

Tom Cruise one of Hollywood’s most famous actors. He is best known for appearing in films such as High gun (1986), Waterman (1988), Very few good people (1992), Vanilla Sky (2001), and World War (2005).

Before Cruise made his mark in the entertainment industry, he was actually training to become a Catholic priest. However, Cruise abandoned his training when he was caught stealing from his school.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise Stacie McChesney / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Tom Cruise studied at a conference to become a priest

When Cruise was a teenager, he decided to attend a Franciscan conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. A cruise was drawn to the conference after seeing a speech by Father Ric Schneider, as reported by the New York Daily News.

“Tom was immediately arrested,” said Schneider. “I think he wanted a good education. With his parents going through a divorce, he was sad, maybe that’s one of the reasons he came here. ”

Meanwhile, Shane Dempler, a Cruise close friend from the conference, revealed why the young men wanted to be priests at the time.

“He had a strong Catholic faith,” Dempler said. “We went to Mass, spent time in the chapel and enjoyed hearing stories from the priests. We thought the priests had a great way of life and were very interested in the priesthood. ”

However, looking back, Dempler acknowledged that they were “too young to make that decision. ”

Tom Cruise left the conference after being caught stealing alcohol

While Cruise was a devout Catholic when he was younger, these days, he is best known for his affiliation with the Church of Scientology.

Cruise joined Scientology in 1990, and since then has been one of the most famous candidates for it. He has even campaigned for Scientology to be recognized as a religion in Europe. Cruise has also brought some members of his family into the church and, in 2019, they moved them into an apartment building dedicated to Scientology.

While Cruise Scientology is unlikely to leave any time soon, there are rumors that his connection to religion has strained his previous marriages. Cruise’s ex-wives, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes, joined the Church of Scientology, although reports say these marriages broke down when the women wanted to leave.

according to Weekly Us, Holmes also does not allow Cruise to have a relationship with their daughter Suri because of his religion.

However, it is important to remember that these reports have not been verified by a reliable source.

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