‘Titanic’: Which of Your Favorite Celebrities Were Almost Cast as Jack Dawson?

It’s hard to think of anyone but Leonardo DiCaprio for Jack Dawson’s role in it Titanic. But low and try, several other A list contestants were willing to take part. Your favorite celebrities were also highly regarded for Jack’s career Titanic?

Leonardo Dicaprio in 'Titanic'
Leonardo Dicaprio in ‘Titanic’ | CBS through Getty Images

Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t even want to star in ‘Titanic’ in the first place

James Cameron Titanic will forever go down in history as one of the most hilarious cinematic love stories. But believe it or not, DiCaprio was initially lazy about playing the role of Jack.

Los Angeles Premiere 'Reality Bites'
Leonardo DiCaprio during ‘Reality Bites’ Los Angeles Premiere | Barry King / WireImage

The actor didn’t want to take up the offer because he was worried about sorting out just for romantic heart positions. (He was just showing up at Baz Luhrmann’s shop Romeo + Juliet a year earlier.)

But it was Kate Winslet who persuaded DiCaprio to take his part Titanic.

According to a Rolling Stone interview from 1998, Winslet practically made DiCaprio’s crescent and begged him to accept the role of Jack Dawson.

As Rolling Stone reports,

“While DiCaprio waffled about signing to play Jack, and the two actors at the Cannes Film Festival, Winslet found where DiCaprio lived, slipped out of a press, and dug him in the his hotel room.

‘I thought,‘ I’m going to persuade him to do this because I don’t do it without him, and that’s all there is to it, ’she says. ‘I’ll have it.’ Because ef * cking is great. It’s really good, and that was the reason. ”

What are your favorite actors to have played Jack Dawson in ‘Titanic’?

Not only did he Titanic It proved to be a cinematic classic, but it offered us one of Hollywood ‘s most invaluable friends. Essentially, Winslet and DiCaprio became sisters when they fired a strong blow to Cameron, and their relationship has not deteriorated since. In fact, reports say that DiCaprio Winslet walked down the aisle at the time of her marriage. Plus, Winslet calls it Titanic co-star of the “closest friend in the world.”

It seems that they meant that when they promised not to give up. ”

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