‘Titanic’: Kate Winslet Said She Was ‘Genuinely Frightened’ of James Cameron: ‘He Has a Temper Like You Wouldn’t Believe’

Unfortunately Kate Winslet and James Cameron did not succeed while shooting Titanic. And while Winslet admits that the director has settled down from the 1997 classic, she said that while she was filming the romance film about the ship of dreams, there were times when she was “very scared” of the director because of the -his remarkable position.

Kate Winslet in 'Titanic'
The film ‘Titanic’, directed by James Cameron. Seen here, Kate Winslet as Rose | CBS through Getty Images

James Cameron described Kate Winslet as ‘Kate-weights-a-lot’ while firing ‘Titanic’

Rolling Stone confirmed rumors to be true: The film’s director described his lead actress as “Kate-weights-a-lot” during the shooting.

Not only did he rush to name painful names, but he also put the red star (along with the rest of his actors / team) in dangerous situations just to get the perfect shot.

But they apparently captured the photos for “photo search while making up on someone playing a woman with a battery. That was the injury (I was,) ”said Winslet. Quickly, she said, “But we were all like that. it was inevitable, and it did not matter what our level of safety was. It didn’t matter how brilliant our stunt coordinator was and how careful we were. It was completely inevitable. ”

Kate Winslet thought James Cameron was ‘really terrible’ because of his situation

Cameron is notorious for being a soft and smoky leader. As soon as he has an artistic vision in his mind, he will not stop at anything until he gets the right vision. Given this, it’s no big surprise that he had a real temple when things didn’t go according to plan. And according to Winslet, his temple could be really awful at times.

“He has an unbelievable temper,” she told the LA TimesHe said, “Sometimes I was very scared.”

Nevertheless, the star realized the great pressures on Cameron. “I enjoyed it, and I came to understand it,” she told the magazine. “At times he was very understanding. Twice, I felt like someone I could take a country tour with and enjoy. ”

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio worked 20 hours a day firing ‘Titanic’

Unfortunately, to produce a cinematic effect in such a short time, incredible working hours were required. And according to Winslet, she and DiCaprio sometimes had 20-hour workdays.

“The first day started at 5 in the morning and went on until 1 am,” she told the magazine. “Nothing could have been prepared for me. There were several 20-hour days. And two – thirds of it was burning at night – because the Titanic sunk at night. Everyone was on their own on the set – you had to make sure you get some sleep during the day, wearing a black eye mask. Sometimes you would have lunch at 2am or breakfast at 4pm. It was horrible. ”

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