‘Titanic’ Didn’t Initially Appeal To Leonardo DiCaprio — ‘It Was An Experiment’

Leonardo DiCaprio’s star role in Titanic he changed his life forever. The blockade campaign led by James Cameron raised more than $ 1 billion and solidified DiCaprio as an international expert.

However, before you sign up for Titanic, DiCaprio had little interest in the film. It was only after he spoke to co-stars Kate Winslet and Cameron that he decided to commit to the job.

‘Titanic’ did not initially appeal to Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio
Director James Cameron (C) and actress Kate Winslet (L) and actress Leonardo DiCaprio (R) | HAL GARB / AFP through Getty Images

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even though Titanic he went on to become one of DiCaprio’s most famous careers, he had little interest in initially. At the time, no one knew about the great potential of the blockbuster film, and DiCaprio was unsure about signing for it.

“Well I didn’t like it at first because I think it took me a long time to turn my mind around making such a film,” DiCaprio admitted in a new 2014 interview Variety.

Although DiCaprio initially had doubts, he changed his mind after linking with his co-star Winslet, and director Cameron. DiCaprio says the experience of making a film was unparalleled from anyone else in which he was involved.

“I had made all these independent films, but my conversations were with Kate Winslet, who has been a lifelong friend since I made that film, and her passion for project, and then meet Jim afterwards, ”said DiCaprio. “And it was an experiment to try and do something that was such an amazing story, and it was an interesting, cowardly, interesting mindset for both of us. It was real, unlike any other experience I’ve ever had, really.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet had great chemistry

It is one of the most appealing aspects of it Titanic the whimsical love story it tells. The chemistry between DiCaprio and Winslet is very convincing, which DiCaprio gave credence to Winslet’s work ethic.

“I think we got on, right off the bat,” DiCaprio said. “… She’s such a passionate actress, and I saw that at God, what were we, 22 or something like that? She was so enthusiastic and focused and amazing, and she worked so hard on that film. … ”

The creation of ‘Titanic’ was a major challenge for Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet

Filming Titanic it was a great challenge for everyone involved. The big budget film is going over its production schedule for several months, but the end result was worth all the pressure.

“And of course, the film went over several months, and it was really hard for us to do it,” DiCaprio said. But it was beneficial at the same time. It was a reward for both of us because we got the opportunity to work together in a film that I think has visited a lot of people around the world. And I’m proud of it, I’m really proud of the film.

Leonardo DiCaprio had no idea that ‘Titanic’ would be a global blow

Despite its immediate success, DiCaprio did not realize its importance Titanic.

“I didn’t understand at all how wide this film was,” DiCaprio said. ‘People used to say to me,’ This film is doing really well, ‘and I’m like,’ Great, that’s wonderful, ‘ [They’re like] ‘No, no, no, really, really good.’ ”

Even though people commented on how well the film was doing, DiCaprio could not fully take advantage of the film’s success. Even after someone told him the film was on track to earn billions of dollars at the box office, DiCaprio struggled to get a grip on size. Titanicsuccess.

“I’m like, ‘Oh, okay, so that’s great? ‘”DiCaprio said. “Those numbers that people were throwing at me, I didn’t understand box office statistics, or how many people were going to watch this film again, teenage girls. And it became this thing, you know? I’m not quite sure how to explain it … There was no way to see how that would affect it. … ”

Titanic the highest-grossing film ever, with a total value of $ 1.84 billion dollars, according to Mojo Box Office.

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