Tiny Reveals Kandi Burruss Fought Her and LaTocha Scott During Xscape Fallout

Band-breaking stories never get old, no matter what the genre. In the world of R&B music, Xscape was one of the hottest girl groups of the 90s with Kandi Burruss, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, and her sisters LaTocha and Tamika Scott.

Discovered by Jermaine Dupri, the four released three platinum sales studio albums before their release. While their breaking story was told in many ways, Tiny recently opened up about some of the Xscape drama, which involved physical fights.

Tamika Scott, Kandi Burruss, LaTocha Scott, and Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris of Xscape | Images of Prince Williams / WireImage / Getty

Xscape broke in 1998

The group’s controversy erupted around the fall of their third album, with Xscape announcing its retirement. Members of a quarter and their team (including Dupri) have cited several reasons for the group’s split, but things have not ended on friendly terms for everyone.

Bad blood between Burruss and Tamika Scott was brewed when Scott is said to have spread rumors about Burruss sleeping his way to the top. There were other issues as well.

While Tiny and Burruss went on to become successful songwriters for other artists and later, reality TV stars, the Scott sisters launched solo endeavors in music. Xscape reunited briefly in 2017 and turned the experience into a reality show with Bravo’s Xscape: Still Kickin ‘It.

After a few concerts, Burruss refused to move on with the group and the other three members decided to record new music together. Since then she has changed her mind.

Tiny says Kandi has fought with her and LaTocha in the past

Tiny recently sat down for an interview with DJ Vlad to talk about her career and family, telling a few stories about Xscape and what went wrong.

She explained that their egos played a role in pulling them apart as was external influence. The energy shifted and she said it was a “drag” to look for work.

When asked about fights, Tiny said they only had two facts. “Kandi and I had a bit of a slap [fight]. A little tidy. And I was pregnant with a baby so it wasn’t so bad, ”she said. “And then Tocha and Kandi got into a fight too.”

Tiny shared that it felt like it was too late for these two to have a conflict, and things became a mess. “I just remember running over me – I don’t remember what we were running – but that prediction hall was turned upside down.”

She confirmed that it was a strong fight in her fist but would not reveal who emerged. Watch the movie, Tiny said.

An Xscape biopic is on the way

In 2017, the biopic Xscape was announced, a product developed by the original four members. The project is still in progress and is expected to hit Bravo. Although no official date has been given, in 2019, Tiny announced Atlanta Black Star it is possible that they will record some of their old songs for the film and also add new music. And she would love to play her daughter Zonnique Pullins.

Xscape partnered with Monami Entertainment’s Mona Scott-Young for the biopic, which is the only authorized version of the group.

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