Tiger Woods Once Asked His Mistress Rachel Uchitel to Speak to His Wife About Their Affair

The life of Tiger Woods is featured in the new two-part HBO documentary Tiger. Including his famous relationship with Rachel Uchitel, which went up in the media back in 2009. Woods did not participate in the dock, but Uchitel did.

Speaking out for the first time, former Woods mistress says the famous golfer asked her to try to convince his wife that he had nothing to do with it.

Tiger Woods Elin
Tiger Woods and his ex – wife, Elin Harry How / Getty Photos

Mistress Tiger Woods explains why she speaks out

More than a decade after the relationship, Uchitel finally opens up about her relationship with Woods. Ahead of her appearance in Tiger, Uchitel spoke to him Billy Bush from Plus and she explained why she decided to speak now.

“I’ve been quiet for over ten years now, and I felt it was very important for me to speak only once in my life, because I’ve spent all those years talking. ‘let people think about what they want to think and what they want to say. say, ”Uchitel explained. “I had to take off my shackles and tell me my story. Because I’ve spent years in shame at what’s been going on. ”

Uchitel acknowledged that she had made a “mistake” in dealing with a married man. She admits that she is ashamed that she is dealing personally. The 45-year-old said she was looking forward to the documentary coming out because it shows that the media took the opportunity to blame her for “someone else embarrassing her their wife. ”

Rachel Uchitel says it’s not a ‘shipwreck’

Uchitel admits she “made one wrong turn 10 years ago,” but says it is not a “home wreck”. She said she did not kill anyone or “threw someone downstairs.” Instead, she says she made a mistake, which everyone does.

She says the media as a result of her relationship with Woods has made her life “a living hell for the last 10 years.” However, she is convinced that she was not the mistress of golf. Instead, she says she was “in a real relationship” with Woods.

“We had a wide-ranging, 30-minute conversation, Elin and I, convincing her that I had no sexual relationship with Tiger,” Uchitel said. Too Fab. “We talked about how I knew Tiger, how I knew his friends, how and why I was in Australia. The story came out and no one looked at it. Between the silly story and the phone call with Elin, I remember thinking, ‘Oh my god, we’re going to fly over here. ‘”

However, that all changed two days later when Woods was injured in a car crash outside his home. Nordegren says she used a golf club to get out. But others said she was running it with the club when she found out about his relationship.

Things fell apart for Woods and Uchitel after that. Woods and Nordegren divorced in 2010. Uchitel now has a daughter and goes back to lawyer Ed Batts.

Tiger currently available for streaming on HBO Max.

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