‘Three’s Company’ Actor Blames Suzanne Somer’s Husband for Her Termination

It’s hard to imagine a similar TV show Company of three under construction today. But, for various reasons, it was even harder to imagine in 1977, when ABC heard a sitcom about a man pretending to be gay so he can move in with two female companions.

There was controversy, of course. The National Religious Broadcasters group was against the show. Despite its severity (for the 1970s), the show was a resounding success. The team still surprises the they had an impact on viewers.

‘Three’s Company’ was very popular

The show was considered ‘sexy’ for the time. Suzanne Somers and Joyce DeWitt played Jack Tripper’s two cute female roommates. Jack Tripper himself was played by the late John Ritter, who brought his own comedy brand to the role.

The concept only raised controversy because Ritter ‘s character pretended to be gay, when LBGTQ people had little visibility in the mainstream media. But the characters never came together, in fact just the opposite. The three roommates were close friends, not lovers.

According to Ritter, the characters were very moral. “Being so sexy was very moral. These three companions were very loyal, compassionate and most of the time considered good friends. ”The characters worked as good friends because Ritter, Somers, and DeWitt were friends.

They were enjoying a set, and it came out on screen. He was very popular with fans. It became one of ABC’s biggest shows. Somers told Closer Weekly that she is still amazed at the number of viewers at the show. “Almost half of the people in America who watched TV were watching Company of three. ”

Suzanne Somers took over her hand in conversations

Somers may have been surprised by the popularity of her show, but made a mistake by how important it was to the show, and how important the show was to the network. Or at least, her rule did. In 1980, three years after the show was first released, Somers demanded more money. When the network said no, Somers began threatening to stop. The net picked her up, and fired at her.

According to costar Richard Kline, played by neighbor Larry, Somers’ husband was to blame for the whole problem. He told Closer Weekly “Her management, known as her husband Alan Hamel, was playing the wrong hand in negotiations. “The network brought in two new roommates to try and replace Somers and DeWitt, but it was not good. Company of three it has been sadly put off too often.

The crew of ‘Three’s Company’ are still close

Suzanne Somers
Suzanne Somers | Paul Archuleta / Getty Pictures

The show may have ended, but the relationships between the team did not. In fact, it was their chemistry that did it Company of three so attractive. Their relationships continue to this day. Although Ritter died tragically in 2003 due to a sudden health condition, his team members are still reunited, and they still have fond memories of him. According to DeWitt, “John was a great friend, a very talented actor and a great comedian.”

Kline says that still sees the other actors from time to time. “I saw a place as a guest Step by step with Suzanne, and we had a great meeting. “He will also be seeing DeWitt at Comic Con, where they will be meeting and welcoming fans. The show may have been running short for many decades, but fans still love it. DeWitt says people make fun of her and even cry when they meet her.

It is a testament to the quality of the show that it left such a lasting impression in such a short time. In the age of transitions, networks should be provided Company of three a real rethink.

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