Three Surgeries Later: ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert on Her Nose Job ‘Complications’

Toilet on the Moor star Melissa Gilbert made her nose when she turned 18. As she wrote the memoirs, Prairie story, “It wasn’t a big deal.” But it wasn’t a one-off operation. The actor had to go in twice more to “fix” what had happened. And the recovery process was anything but comfortable.

Melissa Gilbert
Melissa Gilbert | LIFE photo collection through Getty Images

How Melissa Gilbert knew she wanted to get a nose job

When Gilbert was young, she thought her nose was “pretty.”

“But as I grew up, it got wider and flatter and there was a little lump,” she wrote. “And the fact is that your nose grows after the rest of you stop. I was afraid I would stop at five feet four inches but have the nose of an NFL six-five lineman. ”

Every time someone would make her maker, they made a point to rub her nose so that it would appear narrower. So, shortly after his 18th birthday, Gilbert said: “We’ll make it narrower forever.”

The decision was not a major issue for him Toilet actor.

“In my family, nose work was very common and accepted,” she wrote. So she and her mother started researching doctors.

Melissa Gilbert
Melissa Gilbert | Ron Galella / Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

After the second operation, Gilbert felt that her nose was still “not right. ”

“When I was about twenty, I would go in a third time and meet an expert who did nothing but repair botched nose jobs and other special procedures,” she wrote. “Having to regenerate the entire nose, as well as removing cartilage from the back of my ear, would be the worst thing for me.”

Throughout the whole process, Gilbert never hid what she had done. And, usually, no one mentioned it.

“No one gave sh * t. (I didn’t.) If they did, I would ask why, ”she wrote.

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