This Little House on the Prairie Star Describes Happy Days’ Henry Winkler as ‘One of the Loveliest People in the Business’

Happy days The star, Henry Winkler, has been named “the best man in Hollywood.” And while it has a solid reputation as The Fonz, it is a prime example of all things warm and smoky in real life.

While many celebrities can claim that Winkler is the sweetest soul in the show business, one particular star is on Toilet on the Prairie develop a particularly admirable relationship with him. Without a doubt, Winkler was hailed by the actor as “one of the most beautiful people in the industry.”

Happy days
Happy Days Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

The ‘Little House on the Prairie’ actors often had lunch with the ‘Happy Days’ series.

According to Melissa Gilbert, played by Laura Ingalls Wilder Toilet on the Moor, she would often spend her lunch hours exploring Paramount Studios. Although she was famous as herself, she still felt full of stars when she fell for other famous actors at Paramount Studios. Gilbert would often inspect the gardens, trying to explore his favorite stars.

“I was always looking around,” she said in her reminder. Prairie Stories. “I was thrilled to see a celebrity, such as the stars of Mork & Mindy, Robin Williams and Pam Dawber or the boys from Happy days. ”

But the only Happy Days star she hit with most is The Fonz itself.

Melissa Gilbert named Henry Winkler ‘one of the most beloved people in the industry’

Melissa Gilbert as Laura Elizabeth Ingalls Wilder
Melissa Gilbert as Laura Elizabeth Ingalls Wilder | NBCU Photo Bank / Getty Images

Gilbert says that she used to meet Winkler at lunchtime and that they were “shining together. And, jokingly, Gilbert explains that she and Winkler used to “act” no matter what they had for lunch.

“What do you have today?” Winkler wanted her.

“I’m getting a hamburger,” Gilbert replied.

“Then I want to see you act,” he said, challenging her to take on the silly job.

So what did Gilbert do? It was “like a hamburger,” of course!

“I have to say, the first time he suggested that game, I thought it was nuts,” Gilbert admits. “But lunch with the Fonz was going to be something I was looking forward to. It wasn’t just food; it was an accomplishment. It made me think as I ordered. How do I make a salad? What would I do to produce grilled cheese? ”

Happy Days’ Henry Winkler responds to be named ‘Hollywood’s best man’

'Happy Days' throw
‘Happy Days’ cast FilmPublicityArchive / Unified Archives via Getty Images

according to Fox News, Winkler was named the most kind star in the industry. And while Winkler is very polite about his label, saying, “Oh, I don’t know about that,” he’s still grateful forever. “I’m friendly, and I’m grateful,” he told Fox News. “I am grateful to be able to walk on this Earth. And it makes me happy. And I love meeting people I go to the movies [to see], or I’m watching TV. You know, it makes me happy. It really is. ”

Henry Winkler
Henry Winkler | Images of Tommaso Boddi / Getty

And as it turned out, celebrities are not the only ones who get the right treatment. According to Redditers, those who met actor Fonz say he is the biggest lover. When they wrote fan letters to him, they would get a response from him in no time.

“Winkler made his fan letters very important, so what would you expect.” Good House Maintenance appearing. “Not only did he read them all, but he would answer them too – sometimes even with a phone call!”

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