‘This Is Us’ Star Sterling K. Brown Explained the Mechanics of Sex To His 5-Year-Old

NBC’s acclaimed drama, This is us, back for season 5 with Sterling K. Brown and his ongoing tour as Randall Pearson. He portrays a father with two daughters and an adopted daughter on display. Brown is not familiar with parenting; he has two children of his own and has even explained sexual mechanics to a 5-year-old child. Readers may be surprised that the actor went into such detail at a young age, but Brown has a unique parenting style.

'This Is Us' star Sterling K. Brown with his wife Ryan Michelle Bathe, and his sons Andrew and Amare
Ryan Michelle Bathe, son of Andrew, Actor Sterling K. Brown, and son of Amare | Ari Perilstein / Getty Photos for Feld Entertainment

The life of ‘This Is Us’ star Sterling K. Brown is similar to the home life of Randall Pearson

Life of Sterling K. Brown on This is us since Randall Pearson is like his life outside of work. He has a few things like the accepted Pearson brother. The two men are happily married with children and met their wives the new year of college.

Brown is married to actor Ryan Michelle Bathe. The pair met at Stanford University in 1998 in their undergraduate dorm. They went on and on in college and married in 2007. Randall met his wife, Beth Pearson, in his first year at Carnegie Mellon University.

While Randall has three daughters, Brown has two young sons – Andrew Jason Sterling Brown, 9, and Amare Michael Ryan Christian Brown, 5.

Brown explained the mechanics of sex to a 5-year-old

In 2017, Brown sat down with a journalist from the web series Drink with to the inspiring story of winning his first Emmy Award over a drink. Brown gave details of his night celebrating after he won Best Supporting Actor for his work there The People v. OJ Simpson: The Story of American Crime. He said he had to get up the next morning and get his children to school. In one conversation with his son Andrew, who was five at the time, Brown admitted that he had given him full information about a sex mechanic.

Andrew had a lot of questions about where babies come from because he had seen the film Storks. So Brown thought it was better not to hold back.

“I just go in and say,‘ They come from sex, ’” Brown told his 5-year-old. “And it’s like, ‘What is sex?’ I said, ‘It’s usually between mommies and daddies. The father inserts his pen into the mother’s womb and fertilizes the egg, and then nine months later, the baby comes from the mother’s womb. ‘He said,’ Ew! ‘ ”

The actor feels it is important not to lie to his children or a sugar coat.

“I’m the easiest way to get it out there,” he explained. “If I make him look weird and cunning, he’ll think he’s weird and cunning. I immediately tore the Band-Aid. ”

The ‘This Is Us’ Brown star also believes it’s important to fight in front of your kids

“Argument is part of a friendship,” Brown said Weekly Us. “It’s not the end of a relationship, but don’t be behind closed doors, so they don’t see the settlement. Then if they see a fight and don’t see the maker, they think the relationship is about fighting. ”

Instead of trying not to fight in front of your kids, the This is us star believes you should be open so they know how relationships work.

'This Is Us' star, Sterling K. Brown
‘This Is Us’ Star Sterling K. Brown | Rachel Luna / Getty Images

“The friendship has journeys,” he continued, “so you have to share everything with them when they go out into the world, and they look to com- sharing with someone to share their life is like, ‘Look, we might argue, but we’re going to come back together when everything is said and done. ‘ They all need to see. ”

Brown seems to be a lot more like Randall on it This is us fans never thought.

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