‘This Is Us’ Season 5: Will Laurel Return? Fans Hope Randall’s Birth Mother Will Come Back Soon

This is us fans were blown away when the NBC drama went into the backdrop of Randall (Sterling K. Brown) ‘s birth mother, Laurel DuBois (Jennifer C. Holmes), in season 5. Not only that the show shed light on Laurel ‘s life story, but also gave Randall a chance to heal. Now, will Laurel return forever This is us? As audiences have a good experience, characters never go away.

For now, This is us fans just have to wait to see what happens to Laurel moving forward. But when you talk to Weekly entertainment, co-producer Kay Oyegun – who co-wrote and directed “Birth Mother” – was stressing how Holmes ’character might return in the future.

“Will we see Laurel come up [later] this season? I have no idea. I do, but I can’t say, ”she said. “But if we see it, we will see it in an interesting context.”

Nevertheless, Randall is likely to return to his new farmhouse in New Orleans. Oyegun even compared it to the Pearson family cabin in Pittsburgh.

“I like the idea that this farmhouse in New Orleans is going to be a version of the cabin going on – it’s something he never thought he would own,” said the EP. “There is so much to learn and so much to study. But now that the partial abandonment that adopters have wrestled with has been put to bed, this is the next step that seems to be accepted. ”

Oyegun reiterated, “That is the desire, to see a version of that farmhouse become a place of relief of all kinds. And it doesn’t take away from the family cabin. I think that’s just an extension of that. ”

This is us Tuesday night’s 5 air session on NBC.

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