‘This Is Us’ Fans Are Split Over Tess’s Punishment

Quarter 5 of This is us is going well and fans have a lot to say about it. The Big Three are all figuring out how best to manage parenting whether they are in the present or in the future. One of the biggest conflicts through this program came from Tess, Beth and Randall ‘s second eldest daughter. However, Beth and Randall ‘s response to the conflict is This is us fans parted or whether they did the right thing.

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One of the best things about it This is us getting a chance to see the youngest characters grow up right before our eyes. Fans love watching the youngest versions of The Big Three age year after year. The same can be said for Randall’s children: Annie, Tess, and Deja. The start of Season 5 has chosen to put pressure on Tess and Episode 3, in particular, to split fans on the way Randall and Beth chose to parent the teenager.

‘This Is Us’ fans have seen Tess grow up

Tess is well into her teens now, she has a better sense of her identity, and apparently goes against her parents at every turn. Like most teenagers, she is always on the phone and uninterested in what her parents have to say. So far the girls’ fans have met shy and calm in earlier seasons of This is us, Season 5 Tess is more willing to speak her mind, despite the consequences. This is made clear when her school asked Beth to tell them about a video she made last year.

In the video were Tess and another student who had a crush on how a teacher treated them. The teacher visited Tess’ hair without permission and refused to stop using female pronouns for the other teenager to express a preference for gender-neutral representatives. In the video the teenagers raised their grievances and ended with a cheerful “scratch” to that teacher.

Tess lost phone benefits for 6 weeks because of his video

While Randall confessed to Beth that he knew Tess was wrong, he also confessed to his wife that he was secretly proud of their daughter. Although he did not agree with her methods, he was glad that Tess had learned to speak out against injustices. Unlike him, Tess was able to express herself and raise objections. But despite his pride, he knew that Tess’ s handling of the situation was wrong. After explaining this to Tess he let her know that her phone was being taken away for 6 weeks and that decision is gone This is us fans divided.

Some fans felt that Tess fully deserved every bit of her punishment. “So glad they punished her,” one follower told the officer This is us Instagram page. “They were getting too soft to accept the idea. ”

Fans on Instagram are divided on Beth and Randall’s punishment

Something else This is us a fan quickly shook as Beth and Randall made the right choice. “The only way children learn is to take away something they really want,” they wrote. “I am delighted that Randall and Beth are supporting each other in their decisions. ”

Others felt that while Tess deserved to be punished, six weeks went a little on board. “6 weeks was a bit of a stretch but it’s getting on my nerves, 😂😂” wrote one. Meanwhile, there are some fans of This is ushowever, she felt that Tess was right in her actions and should not be punished for expressing her opinion. “Very disappointed in Randall + Beth,” said one fan. “It simply came to our notice then. 😡😡 ”

What story will Tess have for the rest of Season 5 ‘This Is Us’?

Clearly, This is us fans have differing opinions as to whether Tess’s punishment fits her crime. We want to see how her story could improve over the rest of Season 5. Will it be helpful to get her phone off or wake up for more discounts? Only time will tell.

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