This Is How Shemar Moore Got His Name

While some Hollywood stars are creating stage names for themselves like Marilyn Monroe, others are born with names that seem to be going to name fame and superstition.

While most of us know Shemar Moore for his roles on his shows, SWAT and Criminal Intent, has always had its legendary name. The meaning behind it is very symbolic.

Shemar Moore
Shemar Moore | Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic

Shemar Moore has had a long and successful career in Hollywood

Moore began his career as a model while in college. He had no real interest in acting at first. He was just a hungry college student looking for a way to pay his bills. Eventually, modeling gave it a long-term place The young man and the rest from 1994 to 2005.

While appearing on the soap opera, he was also a guest at Soul Train for several years. He has also appeared in films such as The Brothers and Diary of a black woman.

However, having landed a major role in crime drama, Criminal Intent, Moore’s reputation level has skyrocketed.

Within the broad net worth of Shemar Moore

With nearly 30 years in the entertainment industry under his belt, Moore has done it all, and has captured the net worth for proof. From his soap opera days to his big shows Criminal Intent and SWAT, the actor is paid handsomely for his work on camera.

according to Famous Net Worth, Moore is worth at least $ 22 million. Much of this has been gathered over the years of his television and film careers.

Forward SWAT, his current CBS series, he is reported to be making a salary of $ 175,000, and that doesn’t even count all the money that still comes in from the tour his as Derek Morgan on Criminal Intent.

This is how Shemar Moore got its name

Born in Oakland to Marilyn Wilson and Sherrod Moore, the 50-year-old actor got a name from his parents, who wisely named their son after them. In an interview in 1998 with the late The young man and the rest co-star Kristoff St. John, Moore,

People always ask me, “Is that your Hollywood name? “No, my parents just got creative back in the day. My father’s name is Sherrod, and my mother’s name is Marilyn. So they took the first few letters of each name, “S” “H,” “E” and “M” “A” “R” and came up with Shemar.

Of course, the actor wanted to be known as just Shemar when he first started in the entertainment industry, but it didn’t work out favorably for him. “It was an idea, and when I sign my autograph, I will,” Moore explained. “I think I’m one of the only people in this world, at least I’ve met, who has the name Shemar. And, I like the name and I like the sound of the name, but when I first got here, I tried to just sign ‘Shemar,’ and fans were like, “No no, no, no, I want the whole name. ‘I couldn’t get away with it so I humbled myself.’

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