This 1 NCT 127 Member Is Apparently Really Bad at Recognizing People

NCT 127 it is known for being a talented foundation. After debating in 2016, the group has captivated fans all over the world with their catchy songs, impeccable dance moves, and stunning imagery.

However, just because the NCT 127 looks perfect on stage doesn’t mean the members are good at it all. In fact, it has been said that one member is very bad at recognizing people, including his own bands.

NCT 127
NCT 127 in 2018 | Desiree Navarro / WireImage

NCT 127 once revealed that Yuta is very bad at recognizing people

Yuta is the only Japanese member of NCT 127. He is known for being one of the most skilled dancers in the group. However, it seems that Yuta can be quite rude when it comes to recognizing people.

In an interview with SiriuxXM in 2019, members were asked to choose who “is most likely not to recognize a celebrity.” Most of the group chose Yuta, Yuta himself among them.

“Compared to the other members, it might not be good to get to know people,” Mark explained. “Sometimes he can’t even [recognize] mise. “

Yuta once got 2 mixed celebrities

Among many NCT ​​127 fans, Yuta is famous for having a sweet personality. In their numerous videos, such as the Life NCT series, Yuta is often seen helping his teammates and offering them kind words as they go through difficult times.

in the “Relationship Test” a video hosted by Glamor in early 2020, Mark revealed that he learned this about Yuta when they first met.

“When I first met Yuta, it was the summer of 2012, and I definitely remember this because it was also the month I first joined the label and it came like a few days after me, ”said Mark. “I knew it was so nice. You could see it in his eyes. ”

Furthermore, because NCT 127 is made up of members from different parts of the world, Yuta strives to respect everyone, especially when it comes to disagreement. within the organization.

Speaking to the Japanese magazine Men’s Non- or how to prevent fights with its members, Yuta said, as reported by Koreaboo, “I do my best to figure out how I can be understood by people and how I can make my point while respecting others… More than ever, it made a difference our experiences together as a team, so that we understand each other without any arguments. ”

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