This 1 Clue Indicates Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson Are on Bad Terms Amid Rumors of Simpson’s New Romance

Miley Cyrus has had several famous romances over the years, and her relationship with Cody Simpson seemed to be as real. Cyrus dated Simpson after he split up with her husband Liam Hemsworth, and she often talked about how her relationship with Simpson felt real and real compared to her romances. before. Unfortunately, the couple was unable to make things work. But they remained friendly after breaking up.

It seems like the friendly feeling is over now, though. Current evidence suggests that Cyrus and Simpson are on bad terms. Here’s what’s going on.

Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson were on good terms after their breakup

Miley Cyrus will perform on The Pyramid Stage during day five of the Glastonbury Festival
Miley Cyrus will perform on The Pyramid Stage during day five of the Glastonbury Festival | Shirlaine Forrest / WireImage

Cyrus and Simpson were about each other when they started dating. The exes were friends for years before they got flirty, and they seemed to be much better than Cyrus and Hemsworth. Unfortunately, after 10 months of relapse, Cyrus and Simpson’s flame began to die.

“Cody felt like he was in a different place and wanted to be single,” a source told E! News, according to Elle. “Miley started to get busy working on new music and their relationship came out. Nothing bad happened, and they still respect each other. ” The source then noted that Cyrus wanted to be “single for a long time” after the split, and Simpson wanted to party more and hang out with friends.

“Many people did not know about the official separation of Miley and Cody because they are still good friends,” the source said. “They have stayed in touch but felt their relationship had come to an end. ”

Cyrus confirmed that she and Simpson were still friends after separation. “Don’t be a drama story if we’re out hanging out next week or getting pizza,” she explained via Instagram Live. “We’ve been friends for 10 years and we’re going to be friends. ”

Simpson and Cyrus shared each other on social media

While Simpson and Cyrus seemed friendly after their relationship ended, it seems like it could be more than meets the eye. Simpson was spotted by a new woman, and Cyrus appeared on social media, Elle reports. Not only that, but it seems Cyrus was also releasing Simpson afterward.

The drama doesn’t stop there. Cyrus and Simpson also seem to have taken down most of their photos of each other on Instagram. It seemed that Simpson had left a video up from Cyrus ’birthday in November 2019, though.

As for Cyrus’ Instagram, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence that she and Simpson posted a date. She is very focused on her career, and most of her careers are about her music.

Simpson was seen getting close with a new woman

Cody Simpson and Fai Khadra attend New York Fashion Week
Cody Simpson and Fai Khadra attend New York Fashion Week | Cindy Ord / Getty Images

So what could have inspired social media and deleted old photos? It seems that Simpson’s rumored new friendship may be to blame. Daily mail reports in November 2020, Simpson was seen raping up a blonde woman in Malibu.

As for Cyrus, she is happy to live the same life. And she is being talked to People about how she copes with heartbreak. “I am a very logical person,” she said in August 2020. “And I really try to get lost in emotion, because our emotions are for us. Our feelings sometimes lead us to believe that every idea we think is true. ”

In another interview, Cyrus mentioned that she thinks the boys she’s broken up find without a thought – but she thinks she’s actually more emotional when she’s grown up. .

Simpson and Cyrus may still be friends despite the Instagram debate. We will wait to see if they continue to hang in the future.

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