‘The Wonder Years’ Star Danica McKellar Once ‘Went Ham’ With Chris Pratt

Fans of The wonder years remember clearly Kevin Arnold’s puppy love crush on Winnie Cooper, played by Danica McKellar.

They watched his first kiss with her, gave her a date, followed the breakup, and when the pair parted ways for good. After the series ended, some fans would often ask about what happened to McKellar, who is now a mathematician, author and actor.

At one point in her career, she crossed tracks with Marvel star Chris Pratt and had a fun afternoon.

Danica McKellar
Danica McKellar attends the Construction Series, December 2019 | Jim Spellman / Getty Images

Danica McKellar and Chris Pratt were co-stars

After blessing Danica McKellar to Winnie Cooper, she continued to stack acting credits and in 2005, she starred with Chris Pratt in a Sci-Fi Channel (now Sy-Fy) television film titled Path of destruction.

The film is about a nanotechnology experiment that went wrong and the resulting cover. Line-by-line from the film onwards IMDb reading:

The CEO of the company takes the blame on both sides by fabricating a false young reporter (Katherine), who has the only surviving evidence to tell the truth. All the while, the dangerous nanoparticles – escaped from the explosion into the stratosphere – are threatening to destroy nearby cities with devastating wild weather patterns. Amid the chaos of the storms, and fleeing the authorities, Katherine – with the help of a young scientist – must get the evidence to the government to enlist the help before it’s too late… and the deadly crash ‘turn around the world.

While McKellar played Katherine, Pratt joined as weather scientist Nathan McCain. By the end of the film, both of their characters saved the world and went on a date.

Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt during the First Week Guest Room at the Lucky / Cargo Club, Sylvain Gaboury / FilmMagic / Getty Images

McKellar says she went ‘ham ham’ with Chris Pratt

In November, McKellar was a guest on Jaleel White’s Ever after podcast, and made fun of her not having much experience in rebelling or releasing life. After White explained to her the meaning of “going ham,” he asked if she had ever done anything “wild.”

McKellar built on her filming experience Path of destruction le Pratt. They shot the film on location in Bulgaria in 2004, and one day after work, McKellar, Pratt, and her mother hit the town.

“Chris Pratt and my mum and I, – my mum is really cool – we all went to this Turkish bar where you literally dance on the tables,” McKellar said. “And it’s full – I’m sure we were all loud just by being in that room – and I was drunk, and we all danced on the tables. But that’s it. That’s how far it has gone, ”she remembered.

McKellar said he felt angry with her because she was tipsy, and they didn’t leave the place until 4 in the morning. Laughing, she said, “It was so dark and smoky and weird you couldn’t see who was in front of you. It was a very strange night. But nothing happened! ”

But she agreed with White that at that moment she was waiting for the definition of going ham: “I went ham with Chris Pratt in 2004!” McKellar shouted that she may have finally scored some interesting points.

As for that old flick, Path of destruction currently only available for on-demand streaming.

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