‘The West Wing’: Aaron Sorkin Stopped Watching After Season 4 After Larry David’s ‘Seinfeld’ Advice

Aaron Sorkin created one of the greatest political plays in TV history: The West Shield. At a time when the political climate is more broken and divided than ever, this exhibition from the turn of the century was a refreshing look at what political communication could be like if all man focusing on the policy rather than suppressing.

While the show ran for seven seasons, Sorkin was only on the team for four of them. So what did Sorkin do after he left? According to one story, he stopped watching it completely thanks to the advice he received from another famous TV writer: Larry David.

What was ‘The West Wing’ about?

Sorkin created the show. Just like some of Sorkin’s other TV shows The Newsroom and Fun Night, was famous for his humorous and snap conversations. Sorkin is known for writing witty, witty dialogue, and there was plenty of it in this show.

Sorkin’s show was at its best: separating a well-known cultural institution. according to Sorkin IMDB profile, he wrote 41 programs of the series. He left in 2003, after the show’s fourth season.

The show went on without him, as impossible as that might seem. Sorkin was part of the show ‘s DNA, and seemed to be forever attached to it. That said, it wasn’t the series creator who left a show before the end of his run. Another famous man did the same: David, who passed away Seinfeld after season seven. David had some advice for Sorkin after he left.

Larry David’s advice to Aaron Sorkin

Sorkin must have found it difficult to deal with a leaving party he created. After all, he put in so much work and was so closely associated with it and his writing style.

One wonders how it takes to see a series you created after you left. Sorkin seemed to be worried about which side the show would go in, with no control now or the ability to change. To address this, he took David’s advice: stop watching the show.

according to Floss mind, Sorkin stopped watching the show when he left. Sorkin said David told him not to tune in:

“Larry David was gone Seinfeld a few seasons before the show ended and he called me and said, ‘You can’t watch The West Shield again. Either the show is going to be good without you and you are going to be poor, or the show is going to be lower than you and you will be poor. ‘

Sorkin said he tried to watch about 15 seconds of the first show after he left, but could not make it through. After that, he followed David’s advice.

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