‘The View’ Host Meghan Mccain Trolls President With Meme of John McCain — ‘Sorry, I Had To’

Meghan McCain may not speak after the U.S. presidential election with her guests The Vision. But the conservative pundit is still offering its political views on Twitter. And in a recent post, just days after congratulating President Joe Biden, McCain sent a meme of her late father, Sen. John McCain, to make a troll on Donald Trump.

John McCain and Meghan McCain
John McCain and Meghan McCain Heidi Gutman / Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Donald Trump criticized Sen. John McCain for being a POW

During the 2016 election, Donald Trump took a personal bribe at John McCain after the Arizona Senator suggested he could not run the country. He attacked McCain’s service record and called him out for a prisoner of war.

“He was captured,” Trump said. “Have you been captured as a hero?” “I like people who haven’t been caught.”

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Many who heard Trump’s comments were surprised by the lack of sympathy and respect for such a decorated war hero. The guests of The Vision defended McCain and shook Trump for making such a disgraceful statement.

“This board has a real sister and support,” said Meghan at the time. “The support I received, and love, from this show in particular – thank you. All of you – really. ”

Meghan McCain congratulated Joe Biden on his achievements as president

The McCain and Biden families have been close for years. And in an interview with Andy Cohen on it Watch what’s happening live, Meghan McCain showed her respect for the former Vice President.

“I love it, and I will keep telling everyone, I promise you, you’ll know who I’m voting for,” she said. “But a rocket scientist really shouldn’t know that there is one man who caused the pain of my life as a living hell and another who has literally herded me through the process of grief.”

So, on November 7, when media outlets began portraying Biden as the new president, McCain took to Twitter to congratulate him.

“Congratulations Mr President! @JoeBiden – one of the most reasonable and moral men I have ever known, ”she wrote. “See if you can bravely lead our country towards healing and bipartisanship. ”

“On a very personal note,” she said ongoing tweet. “I am a relief and I look forward to a president honoring captured POWs… I had to say. ”

Meghan McCain trolls Donald Trump with a meme of Sen. John McCain

McCain’s home state, Arizona, was a battleground during the 2020 election. And when the state moved blue, many questioned whether it was because of Trump’s relentless attacks on John McCain.

Several memes were born as a result of Biden’s great leadership in Arizona honoring John McCain. And when the former Vice President won the state on November 12, Meghan McCain tweeted one of those memes to accompany President Trump.

“Despite tonight’s news…. “I like people who don’t miss Arizona,” read the meme, referring to Trump’s attack on John McCain.

The next day, she sent her a heartfelt message A view co-hosted by Whoopi Goldberg. In the post, she shared a photo of Goldberg standing next to her late father.

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